phew, turkey crisis averted!

i told you
i ordered
 our thanksgiving dinner 
from zabars
 as i did last year

 as i did last year
 i likely ordered
 too much food 
it will get eaten
 there'll be leftovers for days
 after all
 its just me toonman and my sister aka sil

what did i order 
turkey breast
 pot roast aka brisket
 rosemary roasted potatoes
 sweet mashed yams
 string beans almondine
 creamed spinach
traditional cornbread stuffing
turkey gravy

 of course 

 what was delivered
 what was delivered
 15 pound smoked whole turkey
 whole turkey
 15 pounds

 i called zabars 
they were so busy
 the nice woman
 on the phone
 told me
 she couldn't get a manager to pick up the phone 

you're just down the street
 could you bring it in
 see the manager 
have him swap it out for you

 could i
 i could
 i did

 they are the nicest people
 no one told me
 it was my mistake

 it sort of was 
the smoked whole turkey
 the line
the turkey breast
 on the order form
 my '1' filled the both slots 
they went with the whole turkey


 i swapped it for a 6-7 lbs of turkey breast 
got the difference refunded in cash 

is cash okay
 he asked 

 i said
crisis averted

 we'll still have leftovers for days
 who cares 

there will be wine

oh yeah 
 cranberry compote and kale salad from bird bath bakery
 sil's bringing the pies 

happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!


  1. it sounds like a feast. And some of those dishes I have never tried. hmmmm, time to think of some new side dishes, maybe next year. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Daryl. I hope it is wonderful in every detail. It certainly is off to a tasty start, despite the snafu!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving you clever girl you. Well done. I love leftovers and more to the point, I love not having to cook for a day or two. Hope the three of you have such a fabulous feast tonight that you all have to undo the top button on your slacks and roll off the chair onto the sofa. :D
    PS. bet the cats are happy about the masses of food too.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving. I ordered from Whole Foods this year so we have to drive down to SLO to pick it up. I will choose a couple extra sides while I'm there and with our 80 degree weather, I'll be glad the oven isn't going for hours. xo

  5. Sounds delicious to me, even with the small drama.
    Happy Turkey Day!

  6. Crisis averted indeed!

    My friends and I had Thanksgiving dinner weeks ago for our day, but none of us are that crazy about turkey, so we went with roast. My mother used to chop up the leftover meat and cook them into pies with vegetables. That's a good way to deal with the leftovers.

  7. Phew what a relief. That all sounds gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. It was a good story, though. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Half of my mother's side of the family are Mormons. They all have lots of kids and Thanksgivings are huge. They don't get 15 pound turkeys.
    Your place sounds very nice to just swap it our so easily. Of course you had to pissant it down there. (Pissant is a legit word in Oklahoma).
    I hope you had a good Thanksgving!

  10. Oh my goodness, what a surprise that must have been! Glad it got straightened out, and I hope you had a wonderful day. xo.

  11. OK, two things.

    1) We usually have 7 for Thanksgiving, so I cook accordingly. A 20-pound bird is cooked, etc., so that all can take home plenty of leftovers.

    This year, my cousin. Scott, and his lovely wife, Andrea, were unable to make it due to car troubles. You have to understand that they are the youngest at our table and have very healthy appetites (and we can never understand where they put it and don't gain weight, but that's a puzzle you needn't concern yourself about.) Anyway, without them here to eat their healthy share, we will be eating turkey, squash, turnip, yams, carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce, and six or seven different desserts, for the next 7 or 8 days.

    2) MY WIFE still uses a little Zabar's bag occasionally to tote things on the way to or from work. She says people ALWAYS see it, here in Boston, and, with a faraway look in their eyes, sigh, "Zabar's..."

  12. glad it all worked out with no unpleasantness. happy belated thanksgiving :)

  13. YUM! and a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you!!!

  14. That would have been quite a bit of turkey for three people!


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