the best haircut in the city

 you dont see a lot 
 an old style barber shop
 this one 
 on west 23rd street 

i passed it on the way to dinner last night

it claims to give
 'the best haircut in the city'

i wonder

thanks to Hilary


  1. Dang, I can get a haircut there cheaper than I can here in Tulsa. Whazzupwiththat?

    Send Toonman in to give us a report.

  2. Oh I love barber shops. There's one here in my old neighbourhood village. I used to go to them and had a brilliant trim for about $12 compared to the shampoo, scalp massage, blow dry, hand massage trim at my regular salon for $65. But then again, you can't really mess up a straight across the bottom trim on two ft of hair.

  3. It seems quite old fashioned. We do have a number of them here, along with a horde of hair stylist shops. Somehow the barber shops seem to have more character, though I have no more need of them, what with shaving the head every other day.

  4. I love old barber shops, but they are disappearing just as quickly as pay phones, and the like. Great find, Daryl! xo.

  5. It's a great photo. I love the old fashioned feel to the place. The only thing out of place is the guy checking his cell phone.

  6. Love this -- so glad to know some traditions live on.

  7. I've always wanted one of those barber poles. :) Congrats on the POTW!

  8. And it even has a "senior citizen special". Love that.
    And congrats on Hilary's POTW!


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