wordy wordy wednesday

lets see 
 a few of the things
occupy my mind
 these days

its officially autumn 
 i like autumn and spring best
 they're usually
 moderate temperate seasons 
 the heat/humidity of summer
 the endless cold/snow of winter

 i forget who 
told me 
the almanac
 this coming winter
 will be

isn't that delightful


 the boss's office 
 i made the boxes
 he packed
 i taped
 it was fairly painless

 the move is on schedule 
most of the actual 
 will happen
 the week of october 20 
 i am

 oh you didnt know
i will be in amsterdam

 i wanted to go the week of november 10 
 the move

 my boss 
 the move would not happen on time 
he asked me to go in october

 i told you so
 isn't cool to tell bosses
i can say it here

 i told you so

 of course
 the move will happen on time
 its historical 
 it is 
we are 
we will
 the very first tenants
#1 world trade center 
formerly the freedom tower
 to move in

 our internet group and the media group executives 
will be moving in first
 the next wave of moves 
will follow 
 when everyone will be downtown

 i am sure
 how smoothly our moves go
 the subsequent moves
 may not go on time
 i doubt there will be huge delays
 its all going forward
 october 31st 
almost in sight 
36 days away 
as of this post to move day 

 have you been watching the new season?
 the returns of old favorites?

 monday evening 
we watched 
 it was/will be
 my first/last viewing 
 in my opinion 
not all it was hyped to be

 did you watch? what did you think?

 i read a good book
 a book
made me laugh cry not be able to stop reading 
jojo moyes one plus one

there's more rattling around my mind
i will save it for another post


  1. I say you're completely within your right to say "I told you so!"...and enjoy it. Also, this means that you'll get out of a little bit of the moving hassle, doesn't it? That might be a bonus. Gotham...yeah...might have been the first and last for me too. No idea where they would go with the program; not quite crime drama, not quite superhero silliness...kind of a damp squib thing. I did see something called Scorpion which I liked. Funny though, Gotham got strong reviews while Scorpion wasn't liked. Isn't that the way it always is?

  2. Wow! Amsterdam...I love Holland. Are you looking forward to the move? I didn't know you would be the first to move in. How cool is that :)

  3. Enjoy the trip to Holland.

    I did see Gotham last night, and I actually enjoyed it. Which surprised me- I thought how on earth could I take the kid from the OC seriously as Jim Gordon?

  4. I love that photo, D. Congratulations on getting the move all organized. And you're going abroad?! Cool!!

  5. ps - thanks so much for the book recommendation.

  6. My goodness, Amsterdam sounds wonderful, Daryl. You must be so excited. I think it is really cool that you will be the first tenants in #1 world Trade Center too!

    Love, love, love this photograph! xo.

  7. Amsterdam....I know you will soon have photos of canals and boats and other delightful icons of that wonderful city!

  8. Nice shot! I think I'll be writing about One Plus One tomorrow -- yes! You were right. Glad I read it.

  9. We are moving from the 17th floor down to the 5th floor about the same time as your move. Won't affect me, I'm going from one beige, high status, box to another. I would rather have my cubicle with the big windows looking out over the Arkansas River to the west.


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