oh no

you know
 i am a voracious reader

 i have
 real books on shelves
 in our bedroom
 i have read 
 can't part with
 i might read them 

 i often re-read books
 i re-read
 the stand 
every few years

 i know
 i am crazy
 sort of harmless

i also have
nook and kindle apps
 on my iPad 
i have read and archived many books

 i have embraced
 ya books 
they are often 
far more
 for us oldsters 

they also
 for some reason
 be trilogies 

there are longer series 

in my experience
 tend to be formulamatic
 very good

 three trilogies 
where i read the first books 
released the second or third book

 in one case
it had been so long between books
 i could not remember
 who was who

 i had to go back to the last book
re-read the last chapters 

in the most recent read 
i was completely lost 
i had it confused with another series
 to that
 the author decided to have the chapters
 narrated in the first person 
who was speaking

 that really bugged me 

once i got with the program 
i loved it 
i am going to have to wait
 12-18 months 
for the next installment 

my friends
 my biggest issue
these books

 maybe its me
 being older 
maybe my memory
 isn't what it used to be


 that is definitely
 the case 

i have an incredibly scary memory
 i only don't remember things
 i choose not to 

 i was
 listening reading watching

 i am between books

 to kill time 
when things here
 at the office are quiet
 i occasionally
 in a game called bejeweled
 its simplistic
 it keeps me
online shopping or staring into space

 the iPhone upgrade
 blew the game out
its no longer loading

at some point yesterday
 in my search
a simple diversion
 i looked at candy crush 

 you know

(these remind me of candy crush)


  1. oh no! i' ve stayed as far from candy crush as possible, took me years to kick tetris, can't still have it on any device...

  2. I know what you mean about trilogies. I too have to review the earlier books ... I never remember the details. I play Two Dots, an addictive and fun game.

  3. Noooooo! Not candy crush Daryl.. Stop now before you get too addicted :) Have you read the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series, faaaabulous, they would keep you happy for ages.

  4. Oh no! Both clove and mom are addicted to the stupid thing! Clove is almost thru the whole game and refuses to upgrade her iPhone until she finishes it and mom brings over her iPad so clove can get her to the next level. Oh dear. :D

  5. I have purposely stayed away from Candy Crush, specifically for that reason. Heard it is insanely addicting!! Have fun with it! :-) xo.

  6. LOL at Candy Crush... I've overcome that fascination but I can see what you mean about the shoes. Too funny.

    I only keep the books that I've enjoyed very much. But I keep them so that when someone wants something that I deem good to read, I can lend them out.. or give them away. If I absolutely LOVED something, I'll just keep it.

  7. GAH!!! Not Candy Crush! Hub & inlaws all addicted, now, sadly, so am I (in a fit of pique at Angry Birds). Sigh. I too am spending more time reading kids' books than adult these days (okay, it's my job, so what?). Highlly recommend the Books of the 100 Cupboards trilogy by ND Wilson. Fantasy/adventure/folklory and completely absorbing.

  8. No trilogies for me....I did that once and got burned out about Book 4 (obviously, it was a series instead of a trilogy!).... now I have difficulty getting one read because of the time I spend on photography and paper crafting! No games, either....but I do love those racks of colorful shoes!

  9. I try to avoid games for the most part, since wasting six or seven hours once on Tetris. I was seeing bars and blocks falling for days afterwards.

  10. I read a lot of YA fiction. I like its emphasis on the story. I am really confused by any book with lots of characters. Sometimes I get them confused but I plow on ahead.
    The Stand is one of my favorite books of all time. I haven't reread it though.
    I know better than to even look at candy crush.

  11. I know how you feel. I wandered into Bejeweled Blitz one boring day and now I play it almost every day.

  12. I love to read and yes, even re-read books that I have read before. I have to stay away from the games though...they suck me in and then I don't get one thing accomplished! HA!


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