if its monday, its blather

friday morning 
i decided
 empty the litterbox

 my back decided
 it wasn't happy
 it decided
 to show me
 how unhappy it was

 the lower vertebrae

 in the 
my back/spine
 just enough
 to make me 
 hold my breath
 it wasn't going
make me 

i straightened up 
 seems to be an aberration
 so i thought
til i got to the office
sat down

 standing back up 
 extremely unpleasant
 drugs were needed
 drugs were taken
spasms eased

 lucky for me
 my monthly massage
 for saturday

on the downside
the weather was skitzo
 i was supposed
 sit for a friend
 who is shooting a series of portraits
we were going to meet another friend
 some photo op hunting 
on the lower east side (les)

 the massage really helped
 i am sure
 the 3 meloxocam
 i took friday
 not all at once
 over the course of the day/evening
some relaxant residue 

the weather and traffic 

 a new york roadrunner race
 fifth avenue

 photo shoot rescheduled 
photo hunting postponed 

my back spasms persisted
but not enough to slow me down

as beautiful a day
 as you would want in mid september
   it was chilly

sun shining
 cloudless skies
it warmed up

there was mani/pedi'ing
followed by
the portrait sitting
 when my friend sends them i will share 
 toonman and i took a walk in the park 

we were not alone!


  1. Glad you and TM got to enjoy that walk. Feel better, Daryl

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  2. sorry to hear about your back. Hope it will be better very soon.

    Enjoyed reading your 9/11 tribute again. and love the simple flower in the next post.

  3. Oh dear, I know that very well. Robert can bend over to pick something up and suddenly he's immobile. Oh drag. I'm glad the drugs helped. R is so stubborn, (and the product of a naturopath), that he very rarely will give in and take anything for it.

    I love that you caught that guy doing a hand stand! The weather's been fantastic here, and will continue for another couple of days, (if you can believe the weathermen who lie like a rug), and there's been tons of people doing Tai Chi and yoga at the beach and in parks. Nice to see. :)

  4. The handstander's a nice touch. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I think we might be kindred souls. You spasmed your back changing the litter box. I did mine carrying the cat litter in from the car. Mine is not near as bad as yours. Hope you get well soon.

  6. Sounds like it was a good weekend, in spite of your back. I hope that you're all better now. xo.


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