i thought it was friday

it was only thursday 

its been an exhausting week
 mundane and irritating
 the issues 
that have been dealt with this week
 made me so tired
 i was sure

 i am so glad
 today is
 i am so glad
 my bosses are out of the office today
 i am so glad
 boss #1 is away until a week from tuesday 
i am so glad
 all his files
 all his papers
 all his crap 

 i am
 so glad
 so glad 
 the weekend is here

 i am going to relax


  1. I am also glad that it's Friday. I'm thinking I need a little coast time this weekend to get some good walking and camera action. Beautiful blues in that photo.

  2. Good for you (on the relaxing)!!!
    Have a wonderful and restful weekend, Daryl. xo.

  3. The weekend can't come soon enough!

    Beautiful shot.

  4. Hope you have a completely relaxing and wonderful weekend Daryl!

  5. That would have made for a week that felt longer than usual. I hope you can also say "I thought it was Sunday but it was only Saturday." Enjoy!

  6. I didn't think the weekend would ever get here! And like you, I thought Thursday was Friday!

  7. I know the feeling .. I think today is Monday. ;)


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