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 Broadway and 72nd Street
Devin Troy Strother (b. 1986)
Rae’Shawna & Dee’Shawna (with that John McCracken Lean), 2014
Based in New York and Los Angeles, Devin Troy Strother makes figurative sculptures that both critique and explore the power of caricature. Cut from painted aluminum, they retain the artifice of a stage flat or silhouette. The leaning installation is a reference to the late John McCracken’s famous colored plank sculptures,  but these sparkling, shimmying figures are decidedly maximalist in their exuberance and energy.

its part of the art on the street
 sponsored by 
Marlborough Chelsea
 produced in collaboration 
the Broadway Mall Association and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.  
The 'exhibit' 
which begins
Columbus Circle
up along the B'way Mall
will be up 
February 2015.


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