dig it

those machines
 greeted me
 not literally
when i walked up west end
 79th street
wednesday morning

 it was
 much nicer morning
 temp/humidity wise
i suspect 
wednesday afternoon
very noisy
those machines
tearing up
 the street
repaving it

 last spring
 the same was done to our street

 there are also two movies
 tv shows
 just a block west 

we live
a very 

 on or off 

you get the picture

 i did


  1. ...but what are they Daryl? Is it something to do with water overflow, or drainage?

  2. Busy, busy before the winter weather sets in!

  3. Oh god, don't talk to me of street works. Summers are a nightmare in OXON, where it usually takes six months of construction safety meetings, (no body moves, no one gets hurt), to pave one mile of road. And the road is closed...just like that, and, there are no other ways around the closure except one which includes a 20 mile detour! Van is not much better since I live in a highly desirable neighbourhood where my two immediate neighbours have sold and duplexes will be built next door to me very shortly. Hammers and saws and big beeping machines for months and months. (sigh)

  4. I like the editing you've done with these. You've taken construction equipment and done something quite nice with it!

  5. I can practically hear the noise. They're repaving the street a block from my place- fortunately they don't start up until I'm gone for the day.

  6. Paving here started in May. Just when I thought it was all done, they ripped up the sides of the new paving, and many lawns (ours included) to put in new curbing. I am sure I am missing something here! xo.

  7. I just love digging equipment and watching them work. Orange barrels are cool also.

    Nothing much happens in our neighborhood. Trash gets picked up on Monday and that is the high point.

  8. so...I get a bit distracted....can y4ou tell me what the building in the photos are? Do people live there or are there stores?? I see a school crossing sign on the street...what does a school look like in the city? Is there a playground?
    Alrighty then, now that I've shown my "country" side I have to say I did love the photos.


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