crossing them off the list

 my most desired photo ops
 happened on sunday
i spent the day up in the woods
in the wilds
the bronx

 new york botanical gardens 

 may not
 be a spider web
 it might be a moth thingie 
 i am counting it as a web

 a web
 you can
 the previous times
 i have tried to snap one

a rainbow
okay so not a big vibrant rainbow 
a rainbow
none the less

the bonus shot
 the icing on the cake 
 a lovely day

 young buck
across our path
 he didnt freak when he saw us 
 i only had a 35mm lens 
i am pretty stoked 


  1. Great captures! I had a spider crawl on me this weekend and his little web was on me as well! I saw a beautiful buck and a rainbow appeared just before a big down pour of rain. I took a photo of the rainbow just before the first drops fell.

  2. There are woods near NY city in which there's a habitat for deer? Holy smokes, that's wonderful. I always have this concept of a mega built-over area of concrete and waterways. Man, I really have to get there on of these days and see for myself. :D

  3. The deer must have been in a good mood. It's my experience that does with yearlings tend to be more skittish than bucks.

  4. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time, Daryl!

    The deer here are not afraid of people at all. I literally got within a couple of feet of one a few mornings ago, and I was even able to get my phone out of my pocket to take a picture, without her running away.

    Unfortunately, we are overrun with deer here this year, which means the hunters will be very successful, and I simply have no tolerance for that. It breaks my heart.


  5. I am always happy to get through a day without hitting a deer because we have so many along the roadsides here. Let' see, what's on my list to photograph? Probably my kitchen when the remodel is complete :-) Or some rain!
    Beautiful foliage in that last photograph.

  6. Woohoo. I know the rainbow was elusive for you. Didn't know about the web. But I'm most impressed that you saw a deer in NYC!


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