you say tomato ...

did i mention 
one of the lawyers i work with
 brought me
 some heirloom tomatoes 

we'd had a conversation
 not long ago
fruit and flowers

 bred to look good
they are beautiful
 they lack
taste or aroma 

my mom told me
 the worse the tomatoes in the market look
 the better they taste 

in florida
 she told me
 they ship out 
the best looking produce 
they keep the ugly stuff
 for in-state consumption

 when he gave me the tomatoes 
he said
 these are tomatoes 
your mom

he's right


  1. Could not agree more!

    Summers are for tomato lovers, all those earthy fruits with real flavor at the farmers markets, the ones who have never felt the icy grip of a refrigerator.

    I remember in Rome eagerly anticipating the first tomato crop from Sicily, a rather firm fruit, pale green on the outside and a pink center. Sliced thinly and served with olive oil and a bit of salt they were a promising beginning to the tomato season just begun.

  2. Those look great and I bet they tasted out of this world. When I brought that huge box of organic tomatoes at Charlacote two weeks ago, R thought they wouldn't last, but, since they weren't poxy-store- bought-picked-green-hit-with-ethylene-gas tomatoes, they're still absolutely lovely. Nothing like homegrown. :D

  3. Yes heirloom tomatoes do taste so good, but they quite pricey here. And it's true about the flowers - no smell, even jonquils I sniffed the other day had no smell. Pity.

  4. Except for one cherry tomato plant, my other six plants are all heirloom varieties... and they ARE delicious... I harvested one yesterday that was 1 pound 10 1/2 ounces!

  5. Nothing better than a fresh summer tomato!

  6. I've not heard of this, but these sure look yummy! xo.

  7. After many years of not eating anything but hothouse symmetrical pink tomatoes, I decided to try some heirloom tomatoes a couple of years back. I was shocked by how good they were. It was like tasting tomatoes again after years of not having had any at all.

  8. there is just nothing like a vine ripe tomato during the height of the season. mmmmmmm


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