weekend blather

i met my friend judy
 for a late lunch
 on friday

 ihung around the hood
 on saturday
 it was a mostly overcast day
 it didnt rain
 as predicted
 i carried my umbrella and left my sunglasses at home
 you're welcome

 equally blah
the morning rain ended
 the sun came out
 you're welcome
 schlepped the umbrella left the sunglasses at home

 i didnt do 
take many photos
 this weekend 

i did
this shot of toonman 
at work 
 with his assistants


  1. It was a blah weekend here too D! Happy Monday!

  2. I love your cats. They have such a rough life and I can tell Toonman barely tolerates them :-)

  3. LOL This is just precious. Toonman in his element ♥

  4. they look indespensible in the "help" department ;)

  5. I absolutely LOVE this photo, Daryl!
    We had a nice weekend weather-wise, but your weekend blah has arrived today. :-(

  6. I guess we need a quieter weekend like this once in a while just to catch our breaths and to catch up:) Loving all your photos and catching up on your life!

  7. We humans need cats to remind us just how low we are in the pecking order!

  8. Cats are the best assistants. They insist on you taking many breaks. If you're being entirely unreasonable, like most humans, they plant themselves right in the middle of your work and take a nap. How anyone can't admire that trait in an animal is beyond me.

  9. All the early evening rain we've been having has really eaten into my photo time ...


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