letting it go

i just wrote
long rant

 sat back
 looked at it


its fridaycation

i am going to let it go


  1. My Fridacation also!! And Logan is back to school so Heather and I get to spend the day together! Breakfast and an early bike ride before the heat alert really gets going.

  2. Oh, and my best rants are those that I don't post.

  3. So good - concentrate on the lovely things :-) Have a great Friday and weekend, Daryl!

  4. Good idea, especially since it's Fridaycation!!
    Time to just enjoy. xo.

  5. Yes!!!! Writing it down usually dissipates the stress. The delete key is a good one.

  6. i have a magnet on my fridge which reminds me to let go or be dragged.

  7. Rants are good, whether you hit delete or not. It's getting it out that's important imho. xox


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