fries oh yeah

the weather
 this weekend

 i visited a blog reader 
who is now a new old friend
 she lives on west 95 
her charming apartment overlooks
 pomander walk

 i now think i 'get' 
my rooftop shooter friends 
 being up

we took jack to the vet
his annual checkup
he passed with flying colors
no chest sounds
a excellent thing
 to lack
 you have asthma

 late in the afternoon
 we took a walk
 down along the river
 came home 
ordered in
island burger and shake 
taco salad moi
 burger him 
fries oh yeah

 another amazing day
 my out of town friend carrie
her daughter
 met me 
for mani/pedis
  carrie's husband dave joined us for brunch
 a walk up to 100 street 
central park's pool
 not the one 
where the kids swim 
the one
turtles herons ducks 
hang out
 a walk along the ravine
 the water falls 


  1. wow........fab weekend.........London has had sun, wind, rain and sun every other hour...quite bizarre as Bertha blew in!!

  2. Sounds delightful, Daryl. Beautiful photos, too. That first one looks like you've got some tilt shift going on. Cool! Great to meet a reader who lives so close as well.

  3. Sounds wonderful! I love the rooftop photo and think I'd enjoy living that way as well.
    Happy you met a new friend...
    Please send some sun our way!! 4 straight blah rainy days :(

  4. Those waterfalls look beautiful. That first shot almost feels like you're photographing a little model city. And Jack seems to be taking a visit to the Evil Fiend in stride.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend, lots of fresh air. The temps here have been incredible too. Odd for August, but no complaints here.

    Now I'm craving fries...

  6. What a fantastic weekend, and I am so happy that Jack got a good report from the vet! xo.

  7. Love all these shots. But am drawn to the first one

  8. I love your tilt shift look on the rooftop shot.

    I'm glad Jack passed his physical. I'm still missing my big ole fat Maine Coon Chrissy. She got me. and I got her.


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