a rescue
 even though
 a forever home
 for 2 years
she's still 
very leery 

 she flinches
 if you try to pet her

 i sat down on the floor
to her 
very gently 
 how her day was
 did she go to the park

 right after i took this

talking to me 
 all kinds of sounds

 her people were astonished
 she's never talked to us

 i thought 
 have you ever talked to her

 no matter
she is well loved 
treated gently
make up
caused her 
to be
 so mistrustful 


  1. Beatrix is so cute!! How nice that you sat right down and had a little chat with her!! Rescues are misunderstood sometimes. We don't know what they have been through. It took about two years for LadyBug to feel totally comfortable in our home...we don't know who mistreated her, but clearly someone did! Enjoy your weekend D!

  2. Boy is she a sweetie. My parents had a cat that had not been treated well before- she was very hard to trust people, and would hide when strangers were in the house.

  3. I want to kiss that face!
    She is just adorable, Daryl. xo.

  4. I want to kiss that face!
    She is just adorable, Daryl. xo.

  5. Beatrix is a smart puppy as she figured out she could trust you.

    My MIL has the same effect. She got a rescue pupppy, Reba, several years ago who was a mess and is now a completely different dog because of Nana's love and care.

  6. I'm glad you had a conversation with her! She is an adorable little mop!

    I talk to my cats, dogs and chickens all the time and they talk back!


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