far from wordless

this wednesday
 oh my yes 

 expressed concern
 that his legion of followers
 would be mightily upset 
i posted the monthly city daily photo post in place of toonsday 
that is not true
 it just made toonsday
 a bit later 

 my happy dance

see me dancing? 
(no that one of the exhibits at the museum)

we kicked time warner
to the curb
 their awful customer service
 their monthly increases
 for service that sucked 
only being able to record two programs at once
we now have directv for 1/3 the price
 we can record up to 5 
 5 shows
 at once 
if we only record 4 at once
 we can still watch a fifth

 i will say this
 with close to 300 stations
 hbo, showtime, cinemax and starz
 there's rarely
 5 programs to record at once
 if i want to
 i can
 so there 

we did keep roadrunner as our internet provider 
 total honesty
 i didn't have the time or energy 
to put into researching 
another isp
 more importantly 
i didn't have the energy
to help toonman
 adjust to a new isp
 ... truth ... 

what else 
lets see
 i went to the museum of art & design's biennial event with my friend donna 
we had dinner first at robert
 their summer menu is delightful
 the exhibitions
 at the biennial 
were fun
watching all the artsy people 
was more fun
 no photos of them
i was too busy trying to navigate the crowds
 it was a huge turnout

  i think that maybe it

oh wait
here's a water tower


  1. I think the red people are kind of fun. Lovely water tower shot.

    And yay you for moving past TW -- what a nightmare.

  2. A lotta words, yes. But a lot accomplished too.

  3. I was wondering where Toonman was yesterday!!

    Here, we do not have a lot of choices other than Time Warner. So far they've been really good with very few issues, but they are "becoming" Comcast, and rates are going up 18%. Not happy about that. xo.

  4. happy 4th! the red dancers are show stopping and water tower is beautifully photographed.

  5. The red people are fairly sexy for red people :-)

  6. One more red person and they'll have an army set out to take over the world.


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