toonsday - guess what ...


  1. Indeed.. sometimes freakishly at first sight.. but rarely. And not for a long time. I haven't watched in at least a decade. As for Jeopardy, I would never remember to answer in the form of a question.

  2. The one time I watched WoF, I got turned off by the clapping and screaming and that was that. As for Jeopardy, I used to love to shout out the answers ahead of the contestants. Doesn't everyone do that? Lol! Actually, I have very limited cable and rarely watch TV, so it's been years. But I still like to catch Jeopardy once in a while. :)

  3. In the past I've watched Jeopardy, and often knew many of the answers.

  4. I do pretty okay with Jeopardy, but never answer in the form of a question. Used to do real well with Wheel of Fortune, but have not watched that in many years.

  5. Heh Heh. . . . What was the Q?

    ALOHA from Honolulu


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