my nose is red

i have a terrible cold
 started as a sore throat
 on the right side my throat
 moved to the left side
 then to the middle
 then into my nose 
oh yeah
  there's a cough to go along with it



i leave you with this lovely flower
 my nose is almost as red


  1. That bright red would cheer up anyone!

  2. Oh dear. I hope you can stay in bed a day and rest...and take your vitamin C. Hugs!!!

  3. Beautiful!

    I suggest drinking tea, with honey.

  4. ahemm, maybe a small fur ball would share his breathing tx. :) just saying what good for the cat..xox

  5. It's a beautiful flower. Hope you are feeling much better soon!!!

  6. How pretty this is!
    I really hope you're feeling all better soon. xo.

  7. I suppose you've done the old gargle-with-warm-salt-water? Always worked for me when I was a kid. Lovely shot of the flower, by the way. Poppy? I don't know - I'm such a rube when it comes to flowers. The only ones I can recognize are tulips, roses and carnations.

  8. Poppy Nose! Poor you. Hope you're feeling better before too long.


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