looking up

i have been looking up forever
 it seems
 as if 
i have been waiting forever
 for this
 the water tank project
 going to happen
according to this article, thank you phil, its on next month!
 click here to read about it

i didn't have to look too hard to spot this
 i was walking toward washington street along 13th 
when i spotted it
 along with the highline to the right
peeking up to the left
 the top of the world trade center tower #1


  1. They should sell advertising for those towers. I bet there is regulations against it.

  2. Next time I visit the city I will surely start looking up. Never noticed the water tanks before, never gave it a thought!

  3. Oh boy! Can't wait to see the painted tanks.

  4. Hey, that's going to be great! Better than the stupid bear or orca statues artists are painting all over Van. These 5' ugly street corner disasters are being auctioned off but no one's buying. And now there are flying eagles with their wing tips anchored in the sidewalk and samurai soldiers too. double ugh.

  5. They don't care about the water tanks being on show in NYC then

  6. A good perspective shot. I'm rather liking those water towers!

  7. It looks so pretty against that clear blue sky! xo.

  8. Who is the "Phil" to which you are referring?

  9. I can't get over that bright blue sky. Just gorgeous.


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