a perfect spring day

i slept til after 9
 saturday morning

 it was lovely an indulgence
 by my husband
 who fed the cats
closing the bedroom door

 lazed away the rest of the morning
 general laziness


 when i did get dressed
 it was to go out
 to do a few errands
 dry cleaners
 nothing that involved a lot of effort

came home
 had lunch
 spent the rest of the afternoon
 at friends photos

 a few 
my short trip out
 let me see
 the upper westside
 a sunshine perfect day

see for yourself 


  1. The city looks vibrant and alive. Splendid shots!

  2. You've really made the colour pop in these.

  3. Gorgeous day! We are a bit rainy. I stayed offline most of Saturday -- it was a nice change.

  4. The city looks fantastic. Don't you love it that municipalities take care to plant hundreds of tulips and other spring bulbs for everyone to enjoy? (Even if they usually compost them after blooming.) Those early flowers are such a heart lifting sight. We had some lovely weather...five days in a row...now it's back to the rain. But, hey, I'm off to Seattle today! I'll be that much closer to you...lol...well, at least in the same country! :)

  5. Daryl, a perfect Saturday! Especially the lazy part!
    Great images! So much going on!

  6. It looks like you are having a beautiful spring, Daryl! xo.

  7. Amazing, I'm jealous. Saturdays are up and at'em around here.

    I call that first pic a sky canyon.

    You are great with snapseed.


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