wednesday whine

want some cheese with that?

  it took me 3 months
 to get a time-warner bill settled
 i will skip the absurd parts
 cut to the chase
 i got them
 to give us
 a new plan

 i will

they offered us
 the watch/record/playback in any room/on any set plan

 my response
 does it come with more rooms/sets 'cause we've only got two rooms and one set

the combo plan of internet/cable/phone plan

 my response was 
with your crappy service if the connection is lost how will i call you to let you know?

 the free wifi plan
 i already have it

 we settled 
on a lower rate
 high def dvr box
 faster internet

 a week later
 the dvr box 
 to act wonky
 toonman discovered
 it did
 no longer
 picture in picture

 i called t-w

 the earliest
 8 days off 

i said fine

this past sunday afternoon
 a tech came
 replaced the box 
 picture in picture

 he had pulled away from the house
 the box and tv were not working
 he came back
 fixed the connection 
toonman had knocked loose

 two hours later
 the pip was frozen
 the remote no longer worked

 i called t-w
 spoke to 2 or 3 different people 
each had a fix
 i was told to try

 they insisted
 the remote was the problem
 they offered
 to mail
 me a new one
 waving the $15 charge

 i said
 no thanks
 its not the remote
 its the box
 send help

 they said
 dispatch would call us back in 15 min
 to advice
 if a tech could come by
 that evening or on monday morning

 45 min later
 i called again
no one

 tech will be there monday morning between 9 and 10 am

  alls well now
 they replaced the dvr box 
its t-w 
i am
 within a month 
it will be having issues 

oh yeah
water tower wednesday
isn't it
here you go


  1. Ugh. I hate getting the runaround. We need a new box and I've been dreading the process.

  2. We've had our current setup for internet, telephone, and cable for 14 years and it may not be the cheapest but we hardly ever have problems with it.

  3. We cancelled service with the major providers a few years ago and went with a smaller company that works Very well. It's the pits when it's just one thing after another to get technology to work properly.

  4. Nice building!

    Our cable companies north of the border specialize in screwing the customer over and doing the runaround too.

  5. So frustrating when things don't work and you can't fix them yourself. Dish has been pretty good about fixing things but of course we don't live in such a high density neighborhood so it's probably a little easier on their schedule.

  6. Ugh. I would change companies after so much hassle...

  7. Frustrating!

    We have been fortunate with our cable company but I still would rather pick the channels I want rather than receive so many I never look at...

  8. The US customers are at the mercy of cable and internet companies....NO competition! It's sad.


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