tech #4

 there have been
 4 techs
 come by
the original installation
 back in early march

 as i have said
 every one


the latest tech came on wednesday
 he said
 the signal is strong
 its not the dvr box
 its not the remote
 (one call to t-w got me a person who was insistent the problem was the remote ... it wasn't) 

he decided
 the connection thingies
 those metal male/female
at the ends 
the cables/wires
 were old
 lets replace them

didnt fix the problem

 next up
 will be someone
 a new
 the roof top
 where the 'feed' comes into the building
 our apartment

 since toonman is always home
 no specific appointment has been made 

when the tech who does that task is in the 'hood 
he'll call and come by


 we watch a picture that does all sorts

 watching jeopardy
 the heads and bodies of the contestants
 remained solid
 their middles
 went off 
to the left or was it to the right

 no matter

  i want to go on record here
 as i have to toonman
 the problem 
 the new hr dvr box which had no picture-in-picture capability
one that had

 i believe
 the hd dvrs with p-in-p
 are not the newest
 not compatible
 with the high def signal

 you know 
that rule
 that saying
  'once you have eliminated the impossible,
 whatever remains,
 no matter how improbable, 
must be the truth'

 just sayin'

i believe 
we are at that point

 we can call it 
'daryl's law'


  1. back on board with blog stuff.. no more face book.
    My problems are small compared to yours.
    Jeopardy contestants with "shifty middles" is destined to be fodder for nightmares.

  2. Shifty middles are definitely a problem! Go with Daryl's Law! Love that pic of you!

  3. The more I read about your problems, the more I'm staying with Cox Cable.

  4. This is turning into a nightmare! But love the photo.

  5. Gawd! I'm just rolling my eyes. I don't suppose the T-W bunch would be willing to pay for your cable for the time they haven't been able to resolve the situation and you've had non-existent TV viewing? Just a thought.

  6. Shifty Middles could be the name of a cover band.

  7. Love the pic & signature. On to tech #5? Lucky #5? 5th time a charm? Ugh...


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