and that's the story

it was a nice day
i did nothing 

 of course
 there was beautifying
 food shopping at zabars

 didn't even
 to get
toonman to walk 

it was sunny
the breezes 
were more like winds
 cold winds 
at that

 i want it to be spring

 i picked a spring color
 for my nails 

the photo 
was taken
 my friend and amazing manicurist
 susan nam
 polished beauty bar

 i was about to leave
 i picked up my phone 
to check the time

 that case

 if you care to know
 the design
one of my photos 


 susan said
 i need to take a photo of that
 hold still
 i did 
 that's the story


  1. Wow...that is one pretty color!

    Like this kind of photo, too....haven't checked to see if it's on Instagram.

  2. And you're sticking to it! Great Come Spring color.


  3. Fun!! I've been at a lace workshop for the last few days -- it involves (among other things) pushing and pulling tiny pins. Not very nail friendly.

  4. That is a nice color.

    I have an owl sleeve for my ipod touch. Oklahoma has lots of Native Americans and many of them love my owl.

  5. The first thought I had was, "bloody hell that looks good!" :)

  6. Pretty indeed. And it matches your skin tone. Cheers!!

  7. What a pretty color this is!
    Not much like spring here either.
    Some of the flowers are starting to bloom, but it is still really chilly. Ok, cold!!! xo.

  8. Nice spring nail color, Daryl. I hope it lasts until the lilacs bloom.


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