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For more information about any of these wonderful dogs, email samantha or call her
at 914-646-5515.

BEAST:Chihuahua, 8 years old, 13 pound. Beast is very shy and takes a while to warm up, but he's SUPER easy to deal with. He just likes to curl up on a soft bed or in a box/crate and sleep most of the day. He'll waddle around a little, and he's housebroken/wee pad trained. He's a little snarly at first but not aggressive -- he's just the kind of smart little dog that you need to play hard to get with so he learns to trust you. It only takes a day or so, but if you leave him alone he'll start following you around and ask you to pet him or to sit in your lap when you get on the floor. He LOVES treats, so food is the way to his heart. Good with dogs and cats!

OREO: Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix, 3 years old, 20 pounds. Looks like a little cow!! Oreo is very shy at first but warms up quickly if you give him his space. He's dealing with some skin issues because he wasn't treated properly, but all he needs is a medicated bath here and there, some solid nutrition, and a good deal of TLC. Fine with cats, probably best in a home with no other dogs for now so he can decompress. Housebroken!
When you foster you open up a space for another.
ArielARIEL: Chihuhua mix, 11 months old, 15 pounds. A little shy at first but super loving once she's given time and space to warm up. Fine with other dogs and cats, ridiculously cute! Afraid of men and needs time to decompress in a girls-only foster home.
When you foster you open up a space for another.
DOUGIE: Chi mix, 4 years, 15 pounds. Very sweet and easy, gets along wonderfully with everyone, loves to go for walks! Dougie is athletic and playful but very chill inside and just wants to sleep and cuddle. Great with other dogs, housebroken!
When you foster you open up a space for another.
LOLA: Cairn terrier, 3 years, 13 pounds. Super sweet with her beloved people but scared of men and sometimes a bit nippy with them... Would do great in a girls only home. Totally housebroken, crate trained, knows basic commands! Twirls in adorable little circles when she gets excited. Fine with other dogs and cats.
When you foster you open up a space for another.
LunahLUNAH:Chihuahua mix, 2 years, 12 pounds. Shy at first but very sweet and loving, housebroken and wee pad trained, adores cuddling, great with other animals and everyone she meets!

For more information about any
of these wonderful dogs, email samantha
or call her at 914-646-5515.

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