saturday stuff

it was my monthly massage
 i love 
 all my aches
 all my tightness

 my body 
 overcooked pasta
 in a good way
 being kneaded for an hour 

my normally 
very dry skin
 feels so soft 
looks normal
looking like the parched desert

 after i left the spa 
i decided 
to walk
 across town

 i have never walked across via the transverse
 in fact 
i have never walked across town

this fitbit
 truly spurring me on

 i paused
 to take some iPhone  photos

 (neither of these are signed)

when i got out of the park 
i walked down 81 street
 i decided to pick up lunch
 there's a hummus place
on the corner
 i stopped in
 they have a veggie wrap
 i asked
 if they could make it 
the chickpeas

 i am not a big unmashed chickpea fan

 the woman taking my order said

 she asked
 did i want hot sauce?
 yes please

 plastic utensils?
 no thank you

 turkish coffee?
 yes please

 it took a few minutes to prepare 
i waited 
amusing myself
 by looking at the photos i had taken

 when i got home
 i opened the package

 the coffee had been put in a cup with the top taped
 in a plastic bag
a good thing
 it leaked

 they also
 taped sugar packets to the lid 
i dont use sugar
 it dissolved
 mixed into the coffee  
due to the leak

the plastic utensils
 were fine
 even tho i didn't need them

 there was no hot sauce
 you guessed it 
the wrap
99% chickpeas 

i picked out all i could 
 giving up 

biting into it
 i thought there was some plastic in with the chickpeas
 it was just the eggplant rind 

picked that out too

 i was left with
a pita 
two small pieces of red pepper
 a little piece of tomato

 the coffee
 even tho it was sweet
 was good

 if you go to hummus kitchen 
dont order the veggie wrap


toonman and i decided to take a walk
 a variation
our normal two routes
we walked along the river
 it was beautiful
oh so windy

 i think the gulls were enjoying the wind
 they seemed to be wind surfing

 i got some
 i think 
great shots

keeping my finger
 depressing the shutter 
 i can pick and choose which ones to keep
 i wish i had video taped them 
they were having such a good time
 see for yourself

oh yeah 
the buoys


  1. I so miss walking along the water and I am really looking forward to the beach!! The lunch did not sound good.

    Glad you had a good massage! xo

  2. Such a life you lead. I can't even really walk to a convenience store. I think it would be great fun to live for a year in a major city.

  3. What nice walks you took and wonderful pictures! It has been windy here too, the hawks have been wind-surfing too. So sorry about your lunch, I'm not a big fan of chickpeas unmashed either.
    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday - sleet and snow predicted here!

  4. Not good lunch experience for sure. :-(
    I love the blues in these photos. xo.

  5. Wasn't yesterday beautiful! Love your gulls and the clouds here. That chickpea incident pissed me off though, and it wasn't even my meal. Grrr.

  6. Beautiful gull and sky photos! Too bad about the lunch. I like a good hummus wrap, but not whole chickpeas unless they happen to be roasted and spicy.

  7. I hate it when the assistant listens to what you ask for then gives you something completely different. :(

    Love the photos m'deario. x

  8. Wow! What a great series of shots. Ugh on the lunch. Just ugh.


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