saturday stuff

made fun
 sort of
 of the fitbit
my friend gifted me
walk more

 i no longer 
 the elevator
 to go
 from our 6 floor office
 the 4 floor cafeteria

 i now
 walk up and down 
the 54 steps
 twice a day

 i walk
 to/from the 72 street subway

 i discovered
 i average
 +/-3 miles a day
 not bad

 i knew
 i walked a lot

 never knew
 how much
how far

 when i was in paris
 one of my travel friends
a fitbit
 she often bragged
 in a nice way
 how much
how far
 she'd walked
 we were all together
 we all walked a lot 

 that much
 you to eat a lot
 not feel guilty

 i did errands
 toonman and i 
took a walk in the park

 half way round our circuit
 he realized
 he lost
 his little iPod shuffle 

we back tracked
 alas he didn't find it 
he was pretty 

 he said
 he hoped
 whoever found it 
enjoyed jazz and electronic/new age stuff
 of course
 he went on to say
 they could always replace it with their own music 

after we got home
he had to work on a client's 'reel'
 i took myself down to the apple store
 got him a new shuffle 

on the way back 
i stopped
 picked up a pizza

i snuck a look at my fitbit 

 i think
 i will not feel quilty
 two slices of pizza 
 at all 

i won't 

 bikers runners walkers
 took to the park 
there was still snow on the ground
 the puddles were awesome 
 the sky clouds trees


  1. I have one of those, somewhere. I was pretty faithful with it for about 3 months and now...somewhere, it's somewhere!

  2. You are lucky to have flat spaces where you can walk. We have hills so my knees won't take me far. I used to be an avid walker and it certainly kept the pounds off AND I felt better than I do now. xox

  3. You are doing lots of walking. I walk more with my fitbit.

    Sorry about Toonman's shuffle. I love my tunes and my gadgets and hate it when they go missing.

  4. Aw, too bad. I bet I'd be more heartbroken about the music library I've accumulated and about having to start from scratch than about the replaceable shuffle.
    My friend Jeannine, who rites those hilarious Momaikus (Mom's perspective Haikus), also write a blog called Mobyjoecafe and wrote the funniest convo she had with her fitit. Here, I'll link you up: Now I imagine fitbit convos all go much along the same lines. So now I'm imagining you giving your fitbit the evil eye. :)

  5. So glad to see that you are able to get out and about. You folks have had a bad winter over there. I love getting outdoors.

  6. Great for you! Nice Spring feeling here, Dar


  7. I need one of these. It could be named GuiltBuster.

  8. I already knew you must walk a lot, but you are racking up some miles, woman! Good for you :)

    Sorry about Toonman's shuffle. I don't even know what one is. I don't do music.

    P.S. And we established quite awhile ago there ARE hills in NYC LOL

  9. You picked a good day to do some extra walking Daryl! Wasn't the warmer temps grand?
    How sweet of you to think of Toonman & go get him a new shuffle. Was he surprised?

  10. Daryl, that's good walking! No guilt at all in the Pizza department!
    Glad your temperatures are finally warming up! Spring just around the corner! It's quite mild here but we've had a bunch of rain so far this month.

  11. I love that photo!!!! I'm so sorry Toonman lost his ipod, but so sweet of you to get him a new one AND pizza.

  12. You are one fabulous wife and I bet Toonman was thrilled with his new shuffle!! I would be heartbroken if I lost my iphone!! What a great post...I always knew you walked a lot. I think most people in NYC do...they just don't realize how far!! Now you do! What a great gift that was! Enjoy your pizza!!

  13. we wear the UP bands {similar to fitbit} and love seeing how much we walk or don't walk on any given day.

    plus i like seeing how crappy my sleep is so i can celebrate when it's good !!!

    when we were in florida all winter we averaged 6 miles a day….of course beach walking, anyone could do all day long :)

    happy spring…almost !!!

  14. So proud of you. All that walking! And then that nice gesture for your husband. Excellent.

  15. I've never heard of a fit bit but I do know you do a lot of walking in your day to day life. I greatly admire that; most of my time is spent in a car, sadly.

    You're a very thoughtful wife.

  16. Oh, poor Toonman!
    And what a sweetheart you are to have gotten him a new one. xo.

  17. Love walking. I'm a walker for sure. Walk on my treadmill every day just over 5 miles. One of my favorite things about visiting NYC was walking everywhere! Up town, downtown, everywhere! No one could understand why I didn't take the subway. Several times a week I would walk from 6th/27th to central park, mosey around for a while then head to Zabars and cruise the upper west side then walk back to the apartment. Loved it...loved it, loved it! How I wish I knew you back then...xo


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