city daily photo theme day - people on the street

 its new month
 you know the drill
 city daily photo
 theme day

 for march
 the theme
 people on the street

 out & about
 saturday's theme
 i am combining them
 multi tasking

 last sunday
 as you may recall 
toonman and i
 walked down
72nd street 
through the park
 even tho
 it was a lovely day
 there werent all that many people out

 i did capture this woman

 sitting on a bench
 her elderly dog

 i shot them from a distance
 only had the iphone or the 35mm lens

 a cropped version

a close up

 if you want to see more photos
people on the street
 around the world 
click here


  1. Great post Daryl! Have a Happy Saturday!! xo

  2. they look like the best of good old friends

  3. That's a nice narrative. And a great picture of companionship!

  4. Aw, he's a snuffie snuffler! (That's a technical dog term for cute older dog) I remember my malamutes when they got old and were so grateful for a little walk to have a sniff around and a lie down in the park. I also like that she's got him on a harness (I think), rather than a collar/leash) That was one thing about my malamutes; put a harness on them and they'd pull their hearts out. No way to stop or curb an instinct like that with them. Plus they turned way too alpha with other dogs when they had a harness on. (sigh) I miss those muts.

  5. Being a real dog person, I love this shot for the theme!

  6. Aw...a super spot to have a rest. Still plenty of snow about, I see.

  7. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I'm glad you picked these for today.

  8. I took my big(ger) camera out yesterday, but I was macro hunting.

  9. I took my big(ger) camera out yesterday, but I was macro hunting.


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