i met 
a long haired chihuahua 
the other day
 we were at the vet 
retrieving harry
 who is just fine thank you
 after having some dental surgery

 minnie and her mom 
were a bit early for their appointment
it was taking forever 
for the harry
 to be checked out/released
 so we got to talking

 minnie had been in a car accident
 the car was totaled
 thankfully all the humans were safe 

with two kids in car seats in the rear
  minnie was sitting on her mom's lap

when the car was hit
 the air bag popped 
 there are
 to make it pop

the heat
 to have her belly hair singed off
 her tummy was very sore 
otherwise she was fine

 her humans
 will now
 keep her in her carrier 
when they travel 


  1. Oh, poor Minnie. Of all the injuries I imagined, singed tummy hair didn't even make the list. So good the children weren't injured, or the parents.
    Glad Harry is okay, too. I hated dental surgery, which is probably why I now have rent-a-teeth.

  2. Minnie is adorable. It's good that she will now travel in a container. ;))

  3. Cute pup. She looks like a very lovable and hairy golem or one of those cartoon puppies with the huge eyes which look up at you from street corners...you know the ones? I did that once...not looked like that, I mean totalled a car while I had my grandmother's poodle on my lap. Actually, the fellow who hit me, although he had the right of way, was drugged up and T-boned my very tank-like '69 Maverick at such a speed that he caved the passenger's side right in. So actually, having the dog on my lap did save her life. This is before dog crates, impact balloons etc. Damn, I liked that car too! :)

  4. Daryl, what a cutiepie! A great story with a happy ending!

  5. Minnie is adorable!
    I love those eyes.
    I'm glad that both she and Harry are ok. xo.


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