harry sez

 turn that light off
 it hurts 
my eyes

harry is very delicate

it was a terrific weekend

 as i told you yesterday
 lunch with my sister
 lots of scrumptious food
  a good movie
 a lovingly baked cake
a call from my step daughter 
who sent me
 a bag
her homemade peanut brittle
 with a note saying
 'cannot be responsible if i eat it all at one time'

 i didn't

a visit from our 'adopted' son 
who came by for a slice of chocolate cake

 got beautified™
 are a valentine's red 

is a lot less flat
 than it was after the cut

 oh yeah
 came down with a really bad head cold
 poor guy
 more times
 i could keep count
 his nose started running
 his head stuffed up
 he felt awful

 on my way home from beautification™ 
i stopped into duane reade
 (a local drugstore chain)
 for head unstuffing meds

 picked up
 some hot soup
 for him 
at a place the guy who blows my hair dry recommended

 that was about it
 all in all
 aside from toonman's cold
 it was
 a pretty good birthday weekend


  1. Harry is hug and kissable. What a cutie. I hope Toonman is on the mend very soon.

  2. Harry is the Bomb.

    Your new do looks great.

    I'm glad that you had such a good BD weekend.

    I hope that Toonman gets better.

  3. I love to stretch out the celebration. Hope Toonman is already on the mend.

  4. Jealous of your hair... long or short, it always looks fabulous atop your purdy head. xox

  5. Oh god Toonman caught my cold. Ugh. Poor boy. Hope you don't get it. I'm glad you had a lovely birthday ...except for the cold-ish pizza... still, cold pizza is the best breakfast round here. How is it that sons always smell chocolate cake? :)

  6. All good stuff. Except about Poor ToonMan. I hope he feels better soon. And your hair looks mahvelous!

  7. All good stuff. Except about Poor ToonMan. I hope he feels better soon. And your hair looks mahvelous!

  8. Awwww, poor Toonman.
    Please tell him that I hope he is all better really soon.
    Your hair looks so awesome!!!! xo.

  9. I'm sorry Ray is sick. My son Sam has had something similar for days now. No fun.

    The peanut brittle sounds fun though...

  10. It was a birthday weekend around here too. Our daughter turned 21 on Sunday!

    Happy Birthday to you too!


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