eastside skies

 food cart
 water tower
 gorgeous skies

 i went to the eastside yesterday 
 a hair cut

 said goodbye
 the annoying flip 
the overly straight bits
 ended up
very layered 
chopped up
 short cut 

i know one person
 who doesnt love it
 i do
 i keep telling him
 it will grow


  1. I think it is cute Daryl and the most important person to please is yourself!! Great smile!!

  2. Love you haircut and the that blue sky looks pretty nice too.

  3. you look gorgeous

    we had the same sky yesterday

  4. Lovely photo of the sky and of you! Each time I see clouds I can't help myself. I silently say: "cirrostratus, jet contrail", or something like that depending on the cloud type. (but only silently so I don't look like I'm showing off...lol) I blame my grandfather who taught me how to do that.

    I love your cut; very BIG CITY and fresh and spring.

  5. Well, how tres sheik are you! I wish I could do that but, when there is the slightest hint of humidity, my hair expands in every direction but where I want it to go. Glad to see that blue sky. I can't recall what the sky looked like yesterday...I went to work in the dark and got home in the dark...I need a vaca day bad!

  6. That's really cute. I like it, too. And Toonman, I hope you get used to it. It is, after all, Superior. ;)

  7. food cart
    water tower
    gorgeous skies
    AND snow on naked tree branches.
    PLUS new haircut that you like and in a few days Toonman won't even remember you had it cut!

  8. Daryl, wonderful shot. I like the darkness morphing in to light down the street!
    I like your new Do!!

  9. You look beautiful!
    Hmmmm, let me guess who that one person is. :-)

  10. Oh he'll probably survive! I love it and think you look amazing. Lovin' the trifecta too.

  11. What does he know? I like the cut! And the photo. Blue skies!!!!


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