what day is it? its

hump day 
almost the end of january

water tanks
 water towers 

just a photo today

freedom tower
#1 world trade center
to the left
two water towers to the right

Read an interesting article on water tanks 
if you care to, you can read it here


  1. Wow, great shot. I love the sky and the whole composition.

  2. where's the snow??
    snow on water tower,
    someone with talent could hique that.
    lovely shot though. so many things to look at.

  3. Oh my that is disturbing indeed Daryl.. after reading a report like that it could be bottled water for me :)

  4. Holy smokes, lovely photo but scary report. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Isn't it always the way that an entire building has to suffer some mishap before some kinds of regulations are enforced. And just imagine if all the bpa-type epoxy was made illegal. Who could handle all the repairs and upgrades? And in a town where even setting up and maintaining a data base is too expensive, I imagine that not much will get done to change anything, and the 7K worth of fines levied against the surveyed buildings is probably just a drop in the proverbial water tank bucket. I bet there's a booming business in bottled water. (in bpa free bottles that is)

  5. Eeek! That was a scary article! Lovely photo though!


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