slip slidin' away

let me say 
 one fall 
a season
 a year
 all i plan on
 i walked
my way
 to be 
like the mail 
(i paraphrase)
neither rain 
nor sleet
 nor dark of day
 keeps me
 from being beautified™

 no need 
to add
the gloriously
 black/blue bruise
my oh so flat butt 

it was in the 30s 
it was raining
 the ice
 black or otherwise

 i walked
 close to the buildings
 where i could
 under awnings
 where i could
 if neither
 was available
 i walked on
 the already yellowing piles of snow
 at the sidewalk's edge 
at least
 i knew
 i would have traction

 let me say
 ugg boots
so very warm and comfy
 to be worn
 icy streets 

they have no traction
 the soles are flat 
any 'tread' they have
purely decorative

 the boots
 i bought at stuart weitzman on saturday 
have treads 
real treads
they did not fit with socks
 they are lined in  pile or shearling 
its not as thick as the lining in uggs
 so they need a sock 
when i tried them on
 i wasn't wearing socks
 no socks necessary 
with the uggs
 i had on at the time

 i bought the 9.5 narrow
they told me i could return/exchange them
 if they didnt fit 
when i got home to try them with socks

 they didn't

 a pair of 10 are ordered 

i will have them
 in a day or three

 of course
 by then
 the streets will be ice free 

i hope

 west 79th street
 at almost 10 a.m. 
sunday morning



  1. OMG! Be's not funny to fall on ice, especially when you have no butt to cushion the fall - I know 'cuz my nickname if "FlatAss" LOL

  2. Hey, I'm a bit more back in the bloggie world! Just was thinking, Celi ( has a pair of something called cramp-ons which attach to any shoe/boot. She's notorious for falling on the ice. Maybe they could help with the oh-so-warm Uggs.
    (Robert read this over my shoulder and thought I was recommending a pair of high waisted electric

  3. That is definitely dreary. I hope your boots come in soon because you never know about that weather. Stay warm.

  4. I wanted to just get to my car and slid down the driveway. Not fun
    Be careful out there

  5. You need some of these over your Uggs

    Streetwize Snow and Ice Grip Shoes - Various sizes

  6. A good pair of boots is a blessing on sheer ice. I fell once and cracked the back of my head on the ice. A long time ago...but definitely not forgotten.

  7. I love my Uggs, but they serve as slippers around here. Definitely not for the outdoors. Glad you made it to beautification safely! :-) xo.

  8. Same here in the Connecticut countryside. bleh.

    I might be the only woman left who does not own a pair of Uggs. yet.

  9. Daryl, judging from your temperature today, all that mess should disappear! Hope you stay safe in all that "Slip, sliding away!"

  10. I have a major Fear of Falling. My bones turn to porcelain in proportion to the slipperiness on the sidewalks. If it's icy, I only go out briefly to walk Bibi. She doesn't understand why, but she sort of has built-in cleats and I don't.


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