people on platforms

i used
 to take
 a photo 
on the subway 
every morning
 the subway car

 it was 
for me 
an interesting study 

then i got bored

 it happens

 i began
 taking photos
 the subway platform

 there is an instagram group
 people of the platforms 

who knew!

 new yorkers

 they stand 
 by their mobile devices

 its a way
 to pass 
the minutes
 the next train


  1. Daryl, I thought you had a Matt Damond thing going! Thought a couple of the guys looked like him from behind! But this guy doesn't. Maybe it's just me!

  2. You know I'm fascinated by everything "New York"...can't help myself..and you feed that fascination so well!! Love it!

  3. what DID we used to do before mobile devices? Read papers, chat ancient history!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Do any civilians (not buskers) play instruments while waiting?

    I don't see as many ukuleles around town as I used to

  5. We do that in Oklahoma but the train never shows up.

  6. Very interesting for sure. Love your photos, as always. Carla

  7. It's the same here Daryl, everyone is staring at their mobile phone all the time! :(

  8. Now you're onto the stuff I love - interiors of the stations (and exteriors, for that matter.) I always find something interesting to observe in a subway or elevated station. People, art, architecture, animal life (one has to look close and not be squeamish, of course)... it's all fascinating to me.

  9. When I see your subway series, or this, or your street scenes it (almost) makes me want to commute -- such great shots.


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