wednesday? yup. wednesday.

 i woke at 4:30

 looked at the clock 
 its sunday
 i could hear the cats
 mainly harry 
whining in the hallway
 through the closed door

 i remember thinking
 its not sunday
 its saturday
 i went back to sleep 

at 5:50
 i woke again
 i lay there
 looking at the clock
 fuck me
 its not saturday
 its tuesday
 hauled my flat ass outta bed
 opened the bedroom door
 to the

 gimme a minute

 its amazing how little time
 to get up 
feed the cats
 do my morning routine:
 wash brush put on my face get dressed leave

 i prefer
extra time
 to the weather report
 it takes more than one listen
 my morning brain 

of course
 i like to check emails
 look at instagram
 make sure the blogs published

 i skipped that on tuesday
 there are somethings
 you have to sacrifice
 if you are going to get out on time
in the evening
i got home
 to a pile of packages
a nice surprise
 i'd looked at all my outstanding orders
 only hours before
 just one purchase 
was showing

 thank you hilary
incredibly fast shipment
 pink prime mate
 i cant believe 
you shipped it monday
 it arrived tuesday
i know a little girl who is going to love it

i am not saying another word
the other stuff 
i bought
 i dont want to give away surprises

 i am nearly done
single handedly
 the economy
 i bought everything online

i really hate shopping in stores


i took this shot
 the last day of jury duty
 i'd walked past
 this little gated park 
many times
the water tower 
 that last day 

still haven't chosen a photo for our card 
 i did print out the mailing labels!

baby steps


  1. Awesome photo, glad you finally saw the water tower and gave it its own place in your collection.
    I hate mornings. 4:30am and I seldom meet, unless I'm up briefly and then back to sleep. Lindy knows who gives her breakfast and I'm not that person.
    Hug a cat for me.

  2. Love the photo....and your online shopping. I am more or less forced to do that, if I want to send any kind of gift, and actually the recipients like gift certificates, so....

  3. I like getting up early and checking on stuff.

    Heather has finally find out about online shopping. Beats the crap out of going to stores and the prices are better. Sorry but there it is.

    And that tower. I've lost count already but I'm calling it NYC-0007. Maybe you could get them to stencil that on it for me.

  4. Well that was a rude awakening but it sounds like you recovered. I went out to a few stores yesterday and found myself a little more in the Christmas spirit. I'm keeping a sensible head as much as possible in hopes of buying a ticket to NY in the Spring :-)

  5. Daryl, now there's a great tower shot!!
    I sure glad I'm over having to get up at that time of the morning!!
    We did most of our shopping on line this year too! Much more convenient! I hate going out to shop at this time of year. Everybody is in such a feeding frenzy.

  6. Love that water tower photo. And I seriously cannot stand it when I wake up thinking it's Saturday, or even Sunday and it is not. It is so depressing sometimes. And I really like my job, so go figure.

  7. Ugh. I hate getting the day wrong. Lucky you be done shopping. We have 3 yet to buy

  8. This is why I am really loving retirement! Everyday is a weekend day!

    I've given up on cards I'm afraid to say...I was just never organized enough to do it without stress....and retirement has not changed that like I thought it would lol!


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