up the street down the street

we live on a nice street
 a good block
 on the upper westside

 has been known to say 
if we didn't live here we couldn't afford to live here 

he's been here
 our first his then mine friends
 bought the building back in the 1970s
 he worked on the renovation
 it was once
 what they used to call
 an sro
 single room occupancy

 a nice old townhouse
 that had fallen on hard times
 divided up
 from a single owner dwelling
 tiny rooms
rented out 

 it was bought
 by his then now our friends
 it was gutted
roof to basement 
turned back
 a lovely house

 the owners
 his friends then now ours
 a duplex for themselves
 put in an elevator
 a small garage
two apartments
 on each of the other 4 floors

 toonman lived in a studio apartment on the 6th floor
 i moved in with him not too long after we met
 we lived there for 20 years
 give or take
 before we moved into a one bedroom
 on the ground floor
 if you are living europe 
on the first floor 
 maybe its the other way round

 theres a long story
 how we came to meet 
the apartment 
we live in now
 figures into it
believe it or not
this post is about 

i bet you're thinking:
 why are you going on about this instead of what you meant the post to be about 

to that i say
 have you just met me?

 i  posted a photo
 i took in the evening 
on the way
 the street

 i am posting a photo
 i took the next morning
 on my way
 the street 

this post
 all about

 so there

one of our neighbors
this lovely landmarked street
 landmarked means you can renovate the interior but your can't change the exterior
these old stone
window boxes
 cause they're not in windows
i dont know the technical term
 i am sure
 there is
 an architectural
a technical term
 for them 
 i dont know it
 if you do 
 be kind enough to share it 

these neighbors
 put some very lovely seasonal shrubbery in those stone boxes
 the security lights
 like gallery spotlights
 dont they
 aren't they call pin spots?
 it caught my eye
 had to stop
 take a shot 
trust me
 it was wicked cold 
taking off my glove
 i did for you

i hope you like it


  1. I love the not window boxes with the evergreens!

  2. as every former and current martha wanna-be knows, that would be a stone planter, a nice one at that. and i suspect the owners are fairly sure it won't be nicked, looks quite heavy. a perp might limp away, embarrassed, with broken toes...

    8 more nights and the day starts getting longer, not a minute too soon! hope you're bearing and how's the nivea working for you?

  3. That's cool! I love your apartment-not-about-this-post story. Sometimes,just for fun, I look at real estate prices in places like NY, San Fran, London...etc...you know, places that would be lovely to live in...Vermont...Paris...OK, I'll stop, but you get the point. Anyway, hellishly expensive in NY! But then, if you can afford a place in Vancouver, then you can probably afford a place just about anywhere in the world! :) (and that has nothing to do with not widow boxes either.)

  4. They say if you can name something then you own it. I guess neither you nor I own those not winddow boxes.

  5. I do like it and I like the meandering story that got to it! LOL

  6. I do like it and I do like your story:) You live in a beautiful spot in the city!

  7. I do indeed, and it's a lovely neighborhood. xo.

  8. Daryl, one day you'll have to tell us the other story!
    I love the planter.

  9. I always love your stories...probably because I can relate to them so well....no explanation needed! Love the planter!

  10. I'm having a flashback to about 20 years ago when I moved into my this-old-house house. I had two of those planters at the end of the driveway. They were NOT identical in size and, at the time, looked odd. Needless to say, I got rid of them. Now, seeing/reading your post, I am kicking myself. BTW, I tend to tell a story just as you have and often get the 'get to the point!' look from those who just can't appreciate fine details...LOL Well done!


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