not so local trains of thought or more blather

last nite
 i walked down the street
 i was wishing 
i had my big camera

 the sky
 so interesting
 there were these stripes
 i am sure
 they were clouds
they looked like stripes

 the street lights
 were added

 i took a photo
 after toonman went to play cards
 he now plays on wednesday
the zillions of nights
 in the past
  they played on thursday
 was an adjustment
 the original friday nights

dont ask
 how long
 its been
 i can't remember its so long ago
i will tell you
 it was when we lived upstairs
 my friends
 ancient history

 after he left 
i played with the photo
 an interesting app
 i am not sure
 i will ever truly understand 
all the wonderfulness it offers
i did manage 
to get rid of one very annoying bright light
smoothed out another

dont look too closely
 it was my first time
 you know how those are

 in other random relative to nothing stuff
 i discovered
 an earring missing 
off the mess that is my dresser top 
it fell on the floor
 sucked up
 by the vacuum 

using a flashlight
i peered under the dresser
i do believe vacuuming needs to be done
i shudder to tell you how badly
(i am shuddering, really)

so i went shopping online
i typed in my american express card #
for whatever the reason
 it wouldn't take
 three times
 it was an issue
i switched to another card

within seconds
 i had an email
 american express
 'did you just try to make purchase at blah blah for $$$? call us' 

 i did
 i spoke
a most charming gentlemen
kumar was his name
 he asked me to verify all the purchases i made
 he commented
 in a very nice way
 'i see christmas shopping has begun' 
i had to laugh

 he also told me why i had the trouble
 i had
 how to download an app
 that will help
 expedite my purchases
 a security alert be placed on my card
due to mistyping or many purchases in a short time
it seems its that time of year
fraud is rampant
amex is watching
 i thanked him
told him
 i was going to stop shopping now
 oh no he said we dont want you to stop
 even more

 shopping is now officially ended!


  1. I like your brand of blather

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Its the cats that knock the rings and earrings off the furniture and then under in our house.

  3. Thanks for this post. I ordered an e gift card for my son-in-law from REI and five minutes later one in the same not-so-small amount from Athleta. The latter sent a 'your order has been placed' confirmation, but shortly after they wrote to say my card had been refused! Come on; who doesn't use their credit card for sequential purchases at this time of the year? We're not talking millions. I rant. Wrote back to them at their contact email, not the non-reply one, and not a peep.

    Thanks too for the photo...makes me feel a bit better.

  4. I have been so leery of ordering anything online. Have had our cards hacked twice over the past year and a half and had to cancel them and have re-issued. I wish thieves would find something better to do with their time..

    Great photo!!

  5. The first time this happened with my credit card, I was aggravated, but then I's good that they're are watching. I don't get a real human calling me anymore though, just a tape recording, and then you punch in your security code to verify the purchase(s) in question, and that's it!

    When you're done underneath your dresser, you can come to my house!! xo.

  6. The fraud alerts can be annoying but they are so worth having. Good for you, finishing your shopping. Shall I expect my new wide angle lens to arrive soon? LOL!!!

  7. As you know, I enjoy trains. This extends to rambling trains of thought, and most especially yours. Thanks for taking me down your tracks!

  8. That photo has a bit of a "Paris" feel to it. I like it!

    I haven't even started shopping yet! Yikes! Congrats on getting all of yours done!

  9. Daryl, I think out shopping is officially ended too!

  10. I had to take a similar call from Bank of America today. Such a pain, although I understand why they do it. Can't wait to do some shopping up in your neck of the woods. It will be here before we know it.

  11. Oh no - we don't want you to stop. Of course he said that!

  12. Sometimes it is very comforting to know that there is always a watchful eye on us! It sure helps if that watchful eye is as pleasant at Kumar!


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