it was pretty

 that lovely snow
 into the street
 to be 
mushed down
 til its gone

at the intersections
 where it turns into fjords
olympic event

 you can wade through
 you have boots that are water proofed
  you can try to gracefully step cross
 you dont slip or fall 


 i am a klutz 
so any puddle wider
 i either wade through or try to walk around 

not signed
i added a bit of topaz labs
restyle street to it


  1. Oh boy, I always think of this mushy-ness as the prelude to know, that ugly in-between time when the world goes from brown to green, but there's still so much winter to get thru, isn't there? Be careful clutzy girl! My friend Celi ( recently had the wind sweep her off her feet and now she has a broken tail bone. Not fun at all.

  2. Snow doesn't age very well. One town we lived in when I was a kid in Utah everybody heated their house with coal. The snow started turning grey on day three. Gross. Imagine what our lungs looked like.

  3. Lovely when it's crisp and white then it turns to mush, such a shame.

  4. A wonderful posting! My sympathies; I'm in Genesceo.

  5. I heave a major Fear of Falling. If stuck or cornered by ice, sometimes I just want to sit down and wait for spring....

  6. If you're missing it, we still have plenty here!
    It's actually stayed really pretty and white too, but that's only because the thermometer has been refusing to read anything higher than about 16 for two days now. Brrrrrr

  7. Daryl, that's usually the way it works around here! Snow chaos and then slush! Yuk!

  8. Maybe it will snow when we visit. I actually hope so as long as it starts after we arrive.

  9. Oh I remember that icy water pouting into my warm boots! !

    ALOHA Dar
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3


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