a lot of nothing

i am double checking
 i am 'in' the correct blog

 blame my


 i still am not sure
 how the hell
 i was so confused
 i not only posted
 the post for here

 i didn't do a post

 should have been noticed

 i was sober 
i had
 had a whiff of the cork 
let alone
 a sip of wine
 any thing else 


i finished printing the cards
 made the labels
 i went out
while it was snowing
(it turned to sleet)
 took some photos
 on riverside drive
 looking into the park

 i walked up to broadway
 because i was hungry
 there wasn't anything interesting to eat in the fridge

 i made from 
 in the microwave
 cream of wheat

 it needed a lot of sweetening 
i added
 cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup

 i went to zabars
 i bought
 some meatballs
 (for toonman)
 chicken cacciatore
 a turkey sandwich
for me
 i went across
bird bath bakery 
 a baker's muffin 

came home 
 with toonman

quite the contrast those two
one tugs at your heart
the other makes you sit on the edge of your seat
(tho i did figure it out well before the end)

 a friend is a member of the academy
 so we get to see screeners

 i also loved
enough said
we saw it the other night

 three excellent movies

 even tho i do not like julia louis dryfuss 
she just does too much
 it works on veep
 as fabulous
 as understated
 the late james gandolfini 
she really was

 i took some nice snow photos
 a holiday card for next year
 will be a lot easier to do

 i have decorated the mantle with cards we have received 
some tschkas
 i like to put up there of the holidays
 i think
 jewess is a frustrated gentile 
when it comes to the holiday
 tho maybe this year
 my friends
 will be decorating their tree 
bridezilla is now divorcezilla 

 i tried to take a pano shot
 using the iPhone's pano setting 
i do not know what i am doing

 this is what i got

 i took 
with the
pro camera app

which i cropped

you deserve

all that


  1. There are days when I wish I could just walk up the street to get something to eat! It would be lovely! Instead, I have a thrity mile drive, one way, if I get a craving...*sigh!

    Went out tree hunting today and there is not one fresh cut tree in our little town! Couldn't believe it! Not one! It's a two hour drive to the nearest big city for a fresh tree. Might have to rethink my decortaing plan for this year.

    Lovely, wintery lamp post!

  2. I have trouble with the panoramas too! My daughter makes it looks easy. Not so! I love the lamppost photo! We are in the midst of major snow...a little over a foot.

  3. I love your blather.
    I have thought that Christmas is about a lot more than Christianity.

    I love your decorations and experimentation with the cameras.

    And making cream of wheat from scratch. Sorry, I don't want the recipe.

  4. Okay, I followed most of this, but I don't know about the bridezilla comment. I read it twice and still didn't get it.

    The lamppost photo is gorgeous, thank you.

  5. "Cream of Wheat is so good to eat…" I did used to eat it every day as a kid & inflicted same on my own. Love that you love snowmen. Love love love the lamppost. Quintessential New York that. Thank you.

  6. Love the lamp post photo. My cards will go out later than I'd like. I'm having a hard time finding the holiday mojo for some reason. I didn't decorate this year (maybe that's why I don't have the spirit). the Z's are so young, I know the tree wouldn't have lasted a day before it was on its side, all ornaments in million pieces.
    p.s. your pano shot made me giggle

  7. Cream of Wheat from scratch?
    That sounds wonderful, especially this time of year.
    Your mantle looks beautiful!!

  8. Lovely shot of the park. I also like the shot of you in the mirror (whether or not you cropped yourself out later.)

    Little known fact: I have it in my power, as a lapsed Catholic, to appoint you honorary gentile. So be it. It expires January 7th (Day after Epiphany.) Until then, goy it up!

  9. I load up my cream of wheat with butter and sugar and cinnamon. It always makes me feel like a little kid since my mom would always make it on cold winter days. And it was perfect for this weekend...just like that lamp post photo!

  10. I've never written an interesting post since I started blogging! I wonder why?? LOVE this post....there was no way I was going to stop reading until the very end.

  11. Have you tried Wheatena? Like whole wheat cream of wheat and really delicious with lots of butter and maple syrup:)

    I did see Enough Said and loved it...will agree with you about Julia Louis Dryfuss too. Last night we watched Anne of a Thousand Days...I put it on my Netflix list after reading Wolf Hall many many months ago and it finally came up in the list lol!

    Compared to me you get LOTS of cards! I guess you have to send some to get some:)

  12. I get to decorated when I want to because of Mr. BFR (who couldn't care less, but gives me the excuse when I have the time and energy). Nothing up except cards at the moment.

  13. Yessssss! Beautiful scene, Daryl ~

    Wait a minute . . . Bridezilla is now . . . I am writing you.


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