water tower
this week
 the freedom tower 
to boot 


  1. During this summer's visit to NYC, my youngest son pointed out how he loved the water towers. I had never noticed them. Proof everyone notices different things. After he pointed that out, I enjoyed seeing everyone I could. He currently sees the new tower from his windows. Reality hits soon, however. I'm thinking if he sees a street in his new place, he will have climbed up, from the basement. Exciting, though.

  2. Beautiful tower! And I really, really love that new haircut!!

  3. That's one thing I love so much about cities; that mix of the old and new architecture giving character and instant recognition. So unmistakably NY, isn't it? Love London for the same reason. Oxford is a little different where most of the buildings are extremely old but have new features, like huge glass walls built into the stone and ancient timber, but so seamlessly incorporated that they look like they completely belong. :) Lovely shot Daryl; looks like you still have a little autumnal magic going on. :)

  4. Tryptich! I think I didn't spell that right...

  5. So gorgeous, Daryl! I love the perspective and also the colours!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Ah! One can never have too many water towers seeing that there is ONE in my town and it's right across the street (and we have vultures that come and sit on it-weir visual, hM??)
    Hope you are having a great holiday week.

  7. When I see one of your water tower shots, I get excited. I love them too thanks to you :).

  8. Daryl, lovely shot! It seems to me the towers are reaching to the sky like their big brother. They need a spire too!

  9. Beautiful sky!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Happy Hanukkah too!


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