have been
 amazing sunsets

 most of the time
 i miss them
i am still in the office

 this evening
(november 14)
 i guess
 i left early
(4:54 pm)

 i came
 out of the 72nd street station
 i crossed
 the street
 looked up
 it was

 a magnificent sky
 water tower!


  1. It's a win-win! Don't you hate that expression? Lol. The other day I was driving from Vancouver proper to Downtown, (that's coming north), and the setting sun fired up all the glass of the downtown buildings. Oh it was just so glorious with the wild, snow topped mountains in the background. The only problem was that the view was from a bridge. (can't go anywhere around Vancouver without having to cross five bridges,,,at least) Now I usually will grab the camera and take photos while driving and stuff 'em all anyway, but this time construction narrowed the bridge deck down to a single lane and I had to concentrate on the traffic and there were too many "safety meeting" workers around. You meeting...nobody moves, no one gets hurt! Then, by the time I would have crossed the bridge, parked up the car and walked back to the middle, the moment would have been so over. Damn!

  2. What a beautiful background for that water tower! (I have a pretty NY sunset....from the Top of the Rock about 4 years ago!)

  3. It's like getting two yolks in one when that happens! Great shot! And the moon has been beautiful these past few night too.

  4. Love the shot! :)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.


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