puddles muddles and more

 west 80th street
is bring

 they're doing it
 in two stages

 they come through at night
 rip up the existing paving

 towing cars 
whose owners
didn't see/read
 the signs
 up/down the street

 they tear up
 the street

 last night
 they finished towing at 8 p.m-ish

 we live on the ground floor
 two huge windows
 facing the street

 i was exhausted
  i was glad
toonman pointed out
 we wouldn't be able to hear the tv

 i went to bed

 watched something on his computer
 his headphones on 

when i woke at almost 8 a.m.
 i felt better

my monthly massage
was at 9:45 a.m. 
made me
even better 

it rained last night
 there were
 to be seen


 i headed across town
by the time i was done at the spa
 it had turned into a nice day

 was wonderful

 my masseuse
 told me
i should
payment from the state
 the left side of my neck/shoulder
 extra hard kneading
get the knots out

 came back across town
did some errands
i didn't get beautified™
 i am trying a new salon tomorrow

 last week
 i waited
 almost a half hour
my appointment time 

when i spoke to the person who handles scheduling
 i was told 
'its a saturday thats what happens

i told him
 that wasn't the way a service business is run
 i was going to say more 
in the end
 i decided
 it would fall on deaf ears 

 a better way to make my point
would be to take my business elsewhere

i will let you know how that turns out


  1. Spooky! I posted a curb pic today (Sat) AND am voting with my feet, leaving a salon that seems bored with me and my money. Great minds? Sharing a gutter mentality? Sisters?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. Love that mirror - like reflection and can't wait to hear the salon verdict. Time before last I was at the salon for 5 (Yes 5) hours . my hair would not take the color ...Ugh! I love my stylist but was it him or me. Last visit I announced I could do 3 hours at the most...after that I'm GONE ! Good luck!

  3. Oooooo . . . just saw your new photo ... VERY nice !

  4. Ugh. I hate having to find a new salon & hairdresser. Good luck.

  5. That's a lovely, haunting photo Daryl. I love it. Once, about the last time my father could drive to his cabin, (cancer), I took a night-time photo of the birch trees, illuminated by headlights, reflecting in a puddle on the dirt road. Isn't it funny how an image gets etched on our brain forever? I think I've had a sort of sympathy for puddle photos ever since then. I know, what does that have to do with the price of fish?

  6. The massage sounds wonderful, I could really do with someone getting all the knots out of my neck.

  7. When I used to get my nails done, I tried to get an early appointment. As the day went on, people would show up late for their appointments and the delays got longer. It's annoying and rude.
    If we ever have rain again, I hope to get some puddle shots because I always like them.
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday because I think you deserve it.

  8. I really hope it turns out well at the new salon. I love your image here, Daryl. So New York!

  9. I seriously LOVE this photograph, Daryl.
    I hope your new salon worked out okay. Don't blame you for not being okay with waiting so long last week. xo.

  10. This is definitely a story-telling image---one that would be a great starter for a short story! :-) Hope your search for a new stylist works out; I realize that is such a major move for most women.

  11. I would try somebody else also. It wasn't even my deal and I got irritated reading the response you were given.


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