downtown water towers

 pointed out
 in my post on sunday

the other day
 i was reviewing the photos 
i taken

i cant 
 the camera
 my typing errors
it should have been: 
i had taken
he told me to fix it
i said 
no can do its published
all publications
 i can
 a my bad
a correction

 okay honey?

were closed
 on monday
 for veteran's day
 i am back
 office and court house
 as of tuesday

 it was nice
 to have
 a full day
 in the office
 to really catch up 

of course
 the rain
the snow
 we had a bit of snow on tuesday
 didnt make the return fun

here's a shot from a sunnier day last week


  1. Beautiful picture Daryl! Have fun at the courhouse!! xo Jeanne

  2. I always go back and correct typos in my posts. I can't stand to let them be. I was out of town and drove home yesterday morning *in the snow*!!! Argh.

  3. Nothing nicer than to see blue skies. It's a chilly morning (23 degrees) in Knoxville, TN. Believe it or not, we even saw a few snowflakes, but nothing to get excited about or alarmed over. I am not ready for nasty weather. It's nice to meet you on the WW hop! ~Curious as a CAThy

  4. Uhh, you mean I'm not supposed to make corrections after I hit the publish button. Well I make lots more errors than you do so I get a special variance from that rule.

    Lets start numbering your towers. The one on the left is NYC-00001 and the one on the right is NYC-00002. Now we are on the way to getting organized.

  5. Snow in almost mid November...I'll allow By the way, I misspell, typo, and slosh letters together so many times that you'd think I'm some sort of illiterate oik. Right now, and most probably because I never learned how to type properly, my left hand is much faster than my right hand and really comes out relaly. Constantly.

  6. Nice shot you've got there! :)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  7. You can correct errors and just update the post, or did you mean you don't want to once it's published?

  8. Even though it is sunny and clear it still looks cold there, bit like here at the moment

  9. What a gorgeous photo - I'm so in love with you watertowers (among others ;-) )
    And no worries about any typos - we understand you anyways!

  10. Daryl, great shot! I love the tower on the right. It imposes it presence at the edge of the building like it was keeping an eye on things! The light it really nice!

  11. Love the symmetry in that shot--and the gorgeous blue sky. It's freezing here. Saw a few snowflakes on Tuesday at work. Bah. Humbug.

  12. Oh, I do love those watertowers....looking so vintage on top of modern buildings!

  13. that tower is really right on the edge there eh?.
    I'm forever correcting typos on my blog. Once I spot them I just can't resist.

  14. I print out and read a proof of every piece I publish before I publish it. I do this because I know, from early experience, that the odds are about 50-50 that some horrendous typo will be published if I don't do that read. It has to be on actual paper because - for some reason I'm sure has more to do with my psyche than anything physical - mistakes don't jump out at me from the screen as they do from paper. And if I find a typo or misspelling AFTER publishing, I always go back in and edit it, then re-publish, because I am quite anal that way.

    (I now say, for public consumption, that I do this sort of thing because I am a professional writer and I do not wish to besmirch my reputation. We're friends, though, so I'll tell you that's a lie. I did it long before ever receiving a penny for any of my stuff. And will continue to do so once people find out what a hack I am and refuse to do anything but wrap fish in my writing. I'm just built that way...)


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