downtown dogs

were waiting patiently
 as their person
 a small
 - what we call  - 
vest pocket park
 just off 
franklin street 

i am
 as you read this

its been
 working two jobs 

another 9 days to go


  1. I'm back....and nursing a bad cold, but now I'm on the up. Love how you caught these three 'derrieres'... also like your new banner and profile shot.

  2. I love your profile shot. Your hair looks beautiful. I hope you have a very restful weekend before you're back on duty.

  3. This is really dragging on, isn't it? Wish jury duty was just a day or two long. It's been years since I served, but I remember the strain of the responsibility. Hope you get to rest up this weekend. I'd love to know what your other job is. :)

  4. they do look patient, they remind me of an elderly couple

    hope the jury stuff ends soon, I served on the jury of a case where a baby was shaken to death
    it was a soul killer, it hurt my heart
    and then I'd have to call the office during breaks and go in at night
    when we were sequestered we wound up in a hotel on Staten Island where the water bugs were as big as VWs


  5. Hope you get off soon Daryl!! Your new picture is awesome!! But then never take a bad picture ever....your haircut is amazing! I saw the one you put on Instagram and I really enjoy the whole beautification really do!! I can relate!! xo Jeanne

  6. What a long stressful process. Perhaps schedule an extra massage when it's over?


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