day 216

 it may feel
 at times
 as if
 i have served 216 days of grand jury duty
 thats not
the title 
 this post
 refers to

  that photo
in a series
 i do
 under the canopy

 that is the entrance to my office building 
on west 42nd street

 every morning
 i stop
 at the same spot
 tho for a while
 i wasn't able to stand
 the construction wall
 outside the glass facade
in the way

 h&m is open
 that impediment is gone
the barrier
 the right
 the renovation of times square
 final stages

 they've been 
paving stones
pedestrian mall
 this past week

 its looking
 quite cleaned up 

 i digress

 that photo
of the series
 i have been shooting
 in the same spot
 at approximately 
the same time
 a little past 7 a.m.
 every morning
 i am about to enter
 the building i work in

 the seasons change
 the light changes
 the number of people vary
the canopy remains the same

 i find it fascinating

i zap 
each photo 
with a little of topaz labs buz sim
i want it to look
 more like a painting
 than a photo

 its not signed
 don't strain your eyes

 i guess 
the end of the series
 in case you were wondering
 would be
 when my office moves downtown
 next year

 grand jury duty
 december 2

 its good to know things like that 
it helps keep things in perspective


  1. I think this might be my favorite of all of them, Daryl! I've enjoyed watching the seasons pass under that canopy. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Like the idea of same shot, same time. Love the colors in this one.

  3. I always look forward to your under the canopy shots. It seems like you are not doing as many subway car shots as you once did.

  4. As you know, I *love* this series! So interesting to see the weather, light, people, clothing, construction change from day to day. Hope there is an equally good spot when your office moves to its new digs.

  5. Not too long left then on jury service - I bet you can't wait for it to end!

  6. Nice idea and this looks wonderful! Off to look at the others :).

  7. Congratulations on #216, Daryl, and I hope to see many more!

  8. Wow...I can't believe how long you've been on jury duty for that case, Daryl! I bet you'll be so glad when it overs. I've never served jury duty before, but would like to one day - just for the experience.

    GREAT shot! Love the effect you used! And you're right, it does look like a painting. Well done!

  9. I am honored to say I've been to your building! It may have been that little side trip that day that pushed my son to want to live and work in NYC. He just loves it.

  10. I 've been out of the loop for so long. It may take me a bit to catch up.. Love this shot!!

  11. I've been thinking about doing something like this, but so far the right spot hasn't grabbed hold of me and said, "OK, here it is. Start today." Thanks for the inspiration to keep looking for the spot.


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