city daily photo theme day - heights

this theme 
i thought a lot about

 did they mean
 looking up at something high up
 looking down from somewhere high up
 out from somewhere up high

 i guess
 you and i 
will have to go
 to see
 other people
 this theme

 i chose
 looking out from a great height

 i am using a photo
 i took last december 
 top of the rock 
which is 64 stories high

 you can look out 
over new york city 
across to new jersey
see way back there 
that bridge
its the 
verrazano bridge
staten island

 its pretty impressive

 the bejesus
 out of my friend janice

 this shot
 looks downtown
 past the empire state building
 way down there
 you can see
 one world trade aka the freedom tower
 last year 
 it was still uncompleted

 its nearly done

next year 
my office is moving there
 i can take photos
 from my office window
 i promise to share

last years view


  1. Last year's view of where you'll be next year.
    Of course. I understand perfectly.
    Beautiful view, and lovely in a photo. Might scare the bejeepers out of me, too, if I were standing there.

  2. Top O The World, MA!

    can't wait to hear about/see your new office
    aloha, baby

  3. I see a few water towers also. Are they going to put one on top of the new building? Exciting that you are going to move into it. I'd get the water thing straighened out first though.

  4. I love the silvers and blues and golds in that photo. Would love to paint a scene like that. Wonderful. :)

  5. Fabulous shot Daryl but I do don't heights very well so not sure I could have taken it!

  6. I'm not a lover of skyscrapers but the perspective here is excellent

  7. Tall buildings can sometimes be a little nerve racking for me, but I can enjoy the view with photos like this. Very nice!

  8. lived here my whole life and still could never tire of your view of it
    wonderful shot lady

  9. Oh Daryl, it is a beautiful shot. Never tire seeing New York's beautiful skyline.

  10. I would think in NYC, the best views of the tall buildings would be looking out from the top of one.

  11. Reminds me my visit to the Big Apple 6 six year ago. Great contribution to the theme day. Have a good weekend!


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