blather .. lazy blather ...

i walk
 the subway
 the court house
every morning
 one of two routes

i take 
the express
 west broadway

 the local

 both ways
 i am walking
 iPhone in hand
 catches my eye 

the other day
 i was reviewing the photos 
i taken
 i found this one

i didn't take it 
not intentionally 

 my camera 
 a point of view 
all its own

 on the upside
 at least 
 a photo 
 the inside
 my pocket

i spent
 mostly hanging out at home
 slept til 9 
 the caterwauling
 both harry and jack
 the bedroom door

dropped off dry cleaning
got a muffin
the world's worst coffee
which i did not finish
i dumped it

 my hair 
washed & blown 
words with the stylist 
she kept me waiting
 'just five minutes, ok?'
 20 minutes

some window shopping 
picked up coffee beans 
for toonman 
got myself
a salad 
came home 

we watched
 a lovely
 7 minute
 short film 
pixar's the blue umbrella 
its delightful

 did some photo editing
 thank you
 topaz labs
 fixing the issue
 i had 
 details 3
 the new
 my iMac and iPhoto 

 some of that salad with leftover fried chicken 
and a glass of wine

 my indulgent weekly mani/pedi at polished

 maybe a red?

 we'll see
 looking forward to the court being on recess monday for veteran's day

what are you up to?


  1. Reading your blog - and enjoying it. Sounds like a relaxing weekend in the city. Yes, red. The holidays are coming.

  2. Sweet you have Monday free this week! I enjoyed listening, and like that shot your camera took. Nice effect.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. The fire escapes on the buildings there fascinate me! I'm busy making Sunday lunch for us, my MIL, youngest son and two grandsons. One of my blog friends, Ron (Vent, is hoping to come to NYC when we are there and I wondered if maybe we could all meet up together and I could introduce you? Ron likes the idea. He's a keen photographer like you. x

  4. You know, that's one difference I notice so strongly between Britain and North America, and I bet NY is even more extreme, the people in Britain apologise profusely, explain the situation beforehand and bend over backwards if they have made a mistake, (generally), and people in N A feel they have some sort of a right to bad behaviour, never take the blame and don't take nearly as much care, (generally). What's that all about?

  5. I'm wanting to spend a little time up in The City (SF) before the holidays. I need to find someone to care for all these critters so I can do that. Bad coffee? There is no excuse for that. Better stick with someplace tried and true. Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. love the weekend blather!! your phone has a very fab sense of just the right off balance - loved the post!! we are soggy and gray here and become best friends with netflix for the next few months! xo

  7. I'm in for weekend--allergy/head cold crud. Getting a bit done here and there around the studio apartment. Looking forward to surely feeling better on Tuesday when I return to work. I like the perspective here.

  8. Yesterday, I picked up and cleaned in anticipation of keeping 2 of the grands overnight. Today we have played Lego, space, cowboys, dolls and raked leaves. After one wakes from her nap, we will visit a nearby park before I take them home. Tomorrow I recuperate. Thank goodness I'm off.

  9. Finding lots to do inside this weekend, since the weather has been pretty awful. :-(
    Got lots done though.
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow! :-)

  10. My phone took a photo of my knee this week...all on its own! HA! I like the angle of that shot though with all of the windows and detail. Your phone did good!

    Doing the usual around here, cleaning and catching up on household chores. Puttered with the chickens and did a little coop cleaning. Farm chores are never done! Weather has been nice, in the mid 60's. Enjoying it while it lasts!


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