bay-bee its cold outside

 no joke
 it was
 the 20s
 this morning
 i left 

 i may complain
 the cold
 the wind 
my ears hurting
 it doesn't stop me 
 going out 

i have a weekly mission
 to try 
to keep 
to preserve
 as much
 of me
 as i can

good mani/pedis 
 not only
a way to relax

 it doesn't hurt 
that it makes me feel good
 while i try to look good

 getting my hair
 blown dry
 is another part of my routine 

my mother 
 in doing
she could
 to make herself more attractive
 my dad
 he noticed

 i guess
 its just another way
 i take after her
 i like to deny it

its the approaching holidays
 its a Facebook conversation
 i had with a cousin i am close to
 its the passing of another cousin
 i wasn't close to at all

 it was finding
 cups and saucers 
that were mom's

 they were
the above 
the microwave cupboard
 covered in dust

 i was looking
 something else

 ask me 


 they caught my eye
 i got the iPhone
 took a photo

 i will take them down
clean them up
 use them
thanksgiving hanukkah dinner 

we'll see


  1. oh, do take the cups down, they look lovely.

    well, if it's any solace, we're down to scraping the windscreens from ice...

  2. oh, do take the cups down, they look lovely.

    well, if it's any solace, we're down to scraping the windscreens from ice...

  3. I'm with you on preserving oneself. I never go without makeup and doing my hair, even if I'm not stepping outside the front door, it makes me feel good and MWM appreciates it I know.

    Love the crockery, shame to keep it in the cupboard you should use it. x

  4. Oh yes! Use the cups. One thing I love about holidays is using so many dishes and silver etc. that belonged to my grandmothers. Even when it's the two of us or when the meal itself is casual or it's not a holiday at all, I like using the things that were once handled by those I love/d.

  5. Mom was the daughter of a powderman in a copper mine and then later a Forest Ranger's wife. We lived way out in the sticks in Forest Service housing for much of my life and although she was beautiful she didn't get her done much nor do I think she ever had a mani/pedi. Although, I think she would have loved to do so.
    My mother in law and my wife are the opposite. Hairdressers and nails on a regular basis. And I appreciate it, and I tell her.

  6. Use those cups everyday...they will make you smile!

  7. Nice treatment of this. I have a few things of my mother's I dig out for holidays, too.

  8. Nice cups and would look lovely for Thanksgiving if you're doing that whole table-scaping thing, (which I can understand but never can be bothered with). I'm with you about the mani-pedi things as restorative relaxing, but I very, very rarely get a mani. My fingers are always in paint and solvent or the garden and it just doesn't make any sense at all. But I'm one of those gals who absolutely hates having my hair done. It sends shivers up my spine and not in a good way. Probably because there's two feet of it, and every hairdresser yanks the tangles out with short, sharp strokes. Hate it! But I do have it trimmed regularly and use the best organic shampoo I can to keep it healthy. I might be a "certain" age, but I'm not about to cut it! :)

  9. I think it's wonderful that you take care of yourself. It really does show but I'm sure I've told you that before. You are ageless ~

  10. Those cups look perfect for an autumn table:)

    You are an inspiration for me to try a little harder on taking care of myself:) Thanks!


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