wednesday's water tower


 took this on sunday
 on columbus avenue
 in the mid 70s

 i cropped it
 hit it
 a touch
topaz labs details clouds 2 preset 

cause i can


  1. Took me a while to figure out you meant the mid-70s as far as street numbers go, right? I had you back in the mid-seventies year-wise for a digital then! I like the feel of this photo. BTW, I got frustrated with the subscribe icon on my blog; tried several of my email addresses and only one went through, so I deleted the icon....may reinstall. Rest assured that I'll be posting every day. :)

  2. Absolutely nothin' like a water tower and an iphone! Love this!

  3. Still fascinated by those water towers. Robert and I were talking about them the other day, He said, "your friend who photographs those New York water towers," I said, "Yes. Daryl." He said, "Yes, well there's a scheme in London to disguise the remaining ones." "that's a shame" I said, "they're so..." "Oh no, here comes V saying number 17!" "...architectural." "And there it is!" :(

  4. Great water tower and the sky is absolutely dreamy - looks like an artist's rendition.



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