under the canopy #186

I have been doing a series of photos
 i call
 under the canopy

 every week day morning
 7:10 a.m.

 some mornings
 a minute or two earlier 
some mornings 
a minute of two later

 as close to the same spot
 as possible

 for a long time
 i stood
 the same spot 

i knew
by a mark 
on the 

 for the last few months
 there's been construction
 the sidewalk
the pavement

 i  had to move a bit 
accommodate the narrower space

i have been recording
 the comings
on this part of 42nd street 
186 days

 i took this one
 thursday morning
 7:08 a.m.

 they are taken quickly
to cover those less than fully focused 
 i doctor them
 topaz labs simplify buz sim
 i like the painterly feeling

i will pop over to blurb
 make a book


 maybe not 

edited to add: i post these shots every morning on instagram, i created a hashtag for them there: #underthecanopy 


  1. I've often wanted to do this, but find it hard to be in the same place at exactly the same time....when I was working, it would have been easier. Anyway, I'd like to see the series somehow! I think I told you once before that in the film Smoke with Harvey Keitel he does exactly the same thing. That was a good film; see it?

  2. I absolutely love this series! I need to find another subject besides my tree.

  3. Daryl, I have a program on my Mac called Briefly. It's a slide show generator. It's possible to load any number of shots and set the time for whatever you want. A second each would work great. I think these photos would work really good in this! I think this is a great idea. I've been taking photos of a certain tree through the summer. Hope to expand it into all the seasons!

  4. I love your daily "under the canopy" photos - I always smile when I see them on Instagram, knowing that's from you.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. How dare they move your mark!!! :-)
    Love your "Under the Canopy!" xo.

  6. It has been fun to find these and watch the changing of the seasons on Instagram:)


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