in my inbox

a while back
 i chastized
 my friend mary 
for not reading my blog

 i dont have time for it
 she emailed

i replied

 if it was in my inbox
 i would be able to read it 
she responded

 i added
 blogger's gadgets 
a way for anyone who wants 
to get/read my blog 

its so easy

 when i said
 i had all that time to read at the office
 how quiet it was


 things here
 snooze to hyper
 in no time 
 next to impossible
 to read or visit blogs

 so today during a quiet moment
 it was really 
 a conference call 
no one knew 
i was multi tasking 

i visited 
all the blogs on my sidebar
signed up
 to all those who have email sign ups 
if you dont have 
the subscribe by email gadget
 you should
 it costs nothing
 it makes it easy
 for those who cant blog visit 
to read
 your blog
 if time permits
click over 
 leave a comment

now you know
 if you 
 from me

 i apologize 
to all of you who i am not going to get to visit
 life slows down
 i will be able to blog hop again
in the meantime 
adding that free gadget 

i bet i am not the only one who'll subscribe!

east 71st street at madison avenue


  1. Isn't that a great feature? Since my phone is with me even at work, I find that bloglovin' is also a good way (for me anyway) as it sends emails and I can click away from there. Think I will try your subscriber method. I do grow weary of "bloglovin'" in my inbox :)as you don't know who has posted until you open it up.. (I've always wondered if anyone subscribes to my blog-it's a snoozer for sure, but am curious is there a way to tell if anyone is subscribing??)

  2. Errrr I would if I could but I don't know how!

  3. I've had the email option on my blog for a long time and I'm always surprised by how many people opt for inbox reading.

  4. I've thought about it but at work and at home my email is a Niagra Falls that about drowns me. I might do it so that others can subscribe to my blog if they wish.

  5. I was wondering where you'd been!! :-)
    I have an email subscribe at the bottom of my page.
    For some reason, I've heard that only Blogger blogs update in your sidebar (if you have a Blogger blog), and looking at mine now in your sidebar, it has not updated in 2 months. :-(

  6. This is a great option for sure and very simple to install. I like to have my faves emailed to me, like yours, as even if I don't comment, I like to read the posts. I actually waited a while before I started commenting on blogs, not sure why. Glad you added this nice feature and hope your works slows down a hair (job security) :)

  7. That's a good idea. I thought maybe you were front row at Fashion Week and that was taking all your time :-)

  8. You know what? The strangest thing happened with that feature and WP yesterday. I'm basically really happy when someone comes along and reads my post and grateful that in the world of millions of websites they decided to spend their precious five minutes reading what I have to say and try not to check site stats and subscribers etc. But yesterday my followers number went down by about 50 followers. I've absolutely no idea what WP did just then but I did upgrade the site when an upgrade was announced. Tell you what though, it had an emotional effect on me and that's not good at all! I really shouldn't be allowing things like that to effect me emotionally.

  9. I'll still try to come the old-fashioned way.... :) Must say I don't know how to install it, but what I am reading above is that it's on the dashboard somewhere in the settings?

  10. man, i a, waaaay behind on my blog reading. the laast few weeks have been out of control.


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