nothing like the métro, is it

west 72nd street subway entrance 
was modernized a few years ago 
the new entrance
 the old
 in shape 
the new is a lot more modern looking

 i was out and about 
on saturday
 took a long walk
 over to 
 down to
 69 street 
 then back

 it was lovely

 i took a lot of photos along the way

 i will share them with you eventually

 that's the ansonia peeking out up there
 to the left
 is the alexandria
 its the alexandra
 i dont know

 its not at all photogenic 
so thats likely
 all you'll see
 of it

 lots more weekend
 to share 
see you monday!


  1. I am quite sure some beautification took place too!

  2. Someday I hope to walk those streets. :)

  3. Boy, I have been absent so long. I love subways, really do. That building in the background, whichever one it is, really looks like one here.

  4. Look at your pretty blue sky! No wonder you were out walking around and enjoying the day. I look forward to more of the photos.

  5. I'm with Denise, at least the Alexandra/ia reflects the sky beautifully. I wonder how many people actually notice the reflected sky when they see the buildings. I wonder if that is something psychologically important that no one is really aware of, you know, some subconscious happiness about it. I think that would work for me. :) (Love the pink dreads/braids; wonder if I could pull that off at my very, VERY old (Wonder if they make your head itch after a while?) :)

  6. Daryl, it's quite an imposing structure in it's own right!
    Glad you weekend is going well. It's a long weekend up here, is it down there?

  7. Looks like a gorgeous day which would not resemble the last time I saw the Métro - hah! Have a great week, mon amie!


  8. The woman on the right looks as though she just smelled something awful!

  9. I love the beautiful functional design of the structure, its all steel, glass, brick, tie rods, turnbuckles put together wonderfully.

    That's what I think anyway!

  10. How nice to have a chance to get out with a camera!

  11. I like that wee bit of Ansonia peeking out there Daryl, that looks like a VERY photogenic building !


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